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Christine Muller was packing up her things to leave the school for the day. The students had left hours ago, but she stayed to finish grading papers. It was after six now, and she would have to go home and make dinner for her husband.

She hurried out of the science lab, being sure to lock the door behind her. She was happy to be leaving the high school for the day. As she walked quickly past Mr. Kreg's math room, she noticed that a light was on.

Mr. Kreg probably went home and left the light on by accident, she thought to herself, I'll give the guy a break and turn it off for him. She entered the room, then let out a high pitched shriek. For there, right before her very own two eyes, was Mr. Kreg, sprawled out on the floor, blood dripping from his back. His mouth was in a wide "O" shape, and his eyes were open in a panic. He was dead.

There was no school next day for students, because of the murder. The police had suspected it to be committed by one of the escaped convicts from a nearby jail. The teachers were the only ones in the school, along with one policeman who was interviewing each of the teachers.

"Did anything seem wrong with Mr. Kreg before the end of the school day?" A policeman was inquiring Christine.

"No, nothing at all! He was perfectly fine, he always was. I can't see why anyone would do such a thing to him, either. He has been teaching here for so many years, and all the students just adore him!"

"So what you are saying is that he had no known enemies?"

Christine bit her lip. "No, he didn't. The only person I ever noticed that didn't get along at all with him was one of our former math students, CJ Bell. He was failing practically every subject, and had a grudge against all his teachers. We just tried to ignore it."

"Where is he now?"

"I don't know. He didn't graduate high school along with the rest of his classmates. He failed, and dropped out of high school."

The policeman nodded as he took notes on a small pad of paper.

A week later, school was back in session. Christine was grading papers at her desk at the end of the day, almost ready to leave for the day. She was almost finished when she heard a sharp scream. She jumped, and ran to see what had happened. She ran and ran until she reached where she thought she had heard the scream come from, Mrs. Kurdow's tenth grade social studies room. She screamed too, when she saw poor Mrs. Kurdow, laying face down in a pool of blood. She tried to cover her face and erase the image from her head, but when she opened her eyes again, she was still there, helpless and cold.

The high school students were not allowed in or near the school until the murderer was caught. Christine was the only one brave enough to go back to the school, but only because she had forgotten her bag. She was going to go get it quickly, and then leave.

She was walking down the school hallway, and then turned to enter her classroom. She quickly pulled out a key, and unlocked the door. She was somewhat afraid to open the door, afraid that someone or something might jump out at her, like in all those horror movies. Nothing did.

She quickly spotted her brightly colored teachers bag, right on the chair where she had left it. She went over to retrieve it, and was ready to leave, when she saw something blue laying on the floor. She went over to it and bent down to see what it was. It was the high school yearbook from 1992. She opened it up, and gasped. There, in the yearbook, were Mr. Kreg and Mrs. Kurdow's pictures, marked out in red. These were some of the teachers that CJ Bell had had, when he was here. Then she realized it: These were the pictures of CJ Bell's victims, the teachers that failed him. Then she flipped the page, to maybe see who the next victim would be. She looked down, and marked out in red marker, was her. "Goodbye, Mrs. Muller," was the last thing she ever heard, before everything went black.

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