One Wish

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"Almost there now" the boy says to himself. He is running at full speed and getting closer to where he needs to be. Then he hears someone yell "Hit the showers!" The boy stops running, stands up straight and catches his breath. He then proceeds to go to the locker room to change clothes.

Fooled you didn't I. I bet you thought I was going to kill the boy already. Well your guess was wrong! Ahem anyway...

"Darn that practice was tough!" said the boy to one of his friends. "I know it felt like we were in hell; actually, it was probably worse than hell." Both of the boys laugh. "SHOOT! I'm late and I need to get home! See you guys later!"

I'm sure all of you think that you know where this is going, right? Well I'm here to assure you that every last one of your guesses are wrong!

The boy runs to the parking lot and then to his car, starts it and speeds off to home. He drives as fast as he can because he realized moments ago that he's almost late for dinner, and at his house his mother takes no excuses for being late. Driving as fast as his car would go he flies onto a dirt road into the woods, because it is a shorter route to his house.

Ok, take a guess on what happens next, I'm sure you all are thinking 'oh how typical', ok that's enough thinking for you, back to the story!

Driving through the woods he passes trees, trees, trees, trees, a ghost, trees, more trees, trees, trees, an evil spirit looking to reap souls, more trees, more trees, a hitch hiker wanting a ride only to kill another innocent teen, more trees, some more trees, and finally he's home, and just in time for dinner, so he thinks. He sits down at the table and looks over at his mother who is staring angrily at him. "I hope you know you are an HOUR LATE!" his mother screams" Didn't I tell you to set your clocks ahead, it's daylight savings time! Now go to your room as there will be no dinner for you! And I don't want to hear any of your excuses 'Oh I was at football practice; oh I was out with my friends!" She yells as he walks away. Strange isn't it, yeah even I thought so, and I'm the one who is writing it!

Anyways the boy stomps upstairs to his bedroom and slams the door shut. "I wish I could live a different life" he mumbles. "I wish I could see what another life, maybe on another plain, is like". His room shakes a bit, and it startles the boy " what was that?" he thought to himself. Then there was a knock on his door. Thinking it was his mother he ignores it. Then there is another knock, so he ignores it again. Suddenly his door splinters and goes flying across his bedroom. The boy jumps out of bed and grabs a random piece of plastic tubing he found on the floor, and he slowly creeps towards the door. The closer he got the warmer it became. When he reached the edge of the doorway the temperature must have shot up forty or fifty degrees.

Something didn't seem right to the boy. The temperature was now as hot as if the house was on fire, but there was no orange glow, just a white light emanating from where his door once stood. He stands in the doorway and the white light was so bright it nearly blinded him, and the heat was blistering, but something was making it so he couldn't move from where he stood.

Now before I go on I would like to explain to you that there is going to be a large change in pace on how this story is being told, no more interruptions on my part. Also I would like to say, things may not be what they seem, let your imagination run wild and I will do my best to paint the picture in your head for you.

Standing in the light hurt so much and yet he couldn't move. Then, suddenly the light went out. He was surrounded by darkness and the stench of burning, rotting flesh filled his nostrils. He looked around and saw nothing, not even his own hand in front of his face. He could feel someone breathing down the back of his neck, but he couldn't turn around and see who it was. Fear was overtaking him, his heart was pounding and his knees were shaking. Then candles began to light, and lamps began to turn on, and suddenly darkness disappeared and a royal blue room now surrounded him. There were strange paintings on the wall, all of the same man, doing the same pose, in the same clothes. The only things that were different were the background and the frames. The breathing moved to his ear, but he still couldn't move, then he hears:

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