The Man In White

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A lady worked at a preschool with a playground outside. After the kids left to go home and she stayed and cleaned, she would always see a man in a white suit get a drink of water from the water fountain. She didn't mind.

One day she saw the man but he was wearing a red hat with his white suit. It didn't bother her much, but she noticed it.

The next day she saw the same man and he had the red hat and a red shirt and jacket. She began to grow suspicions so the next day she researched the preschools past.

She discovered that a man had hung himself in a white suit from the tree in the playground. The rope dug into his skin so that it tore his neck and blood soaked his white suit to a dark shade of red. She was shocked at her discovery.

The kids started to leave that day and she was all alone. She looked out the window and saw the man but this time his whole suit was red. He took his drink and then looked at her. She freaked out and closed the blinds.

To get her mind off of what just happened, she decided to test the cd she burnt for the kids. She put it in the stereo and pressed play. The song was not the ABC's like she thought she downloaded. It was an eerie song saying 'Someone's knocking at the door'.

Suddenly, someone started knocking at the door. She ignored it but then, the door burst open. She saw the man in the red suit standing there with a rope. She screamed and ran to the back room where she climbed in and hid in the toy chest.

She had left the cd on and heard the second set of lyrics. 'Someone's looking for treasure'. She was praying when the chest opened. She screamed and heard the last set of lyrics in a demonic voice 'SOMEONES GONNA DIE'.

The man in the red suit wrapped the rope around her neck and pulled with a force which snapped her neck. He walked off, dragging the body along with him.

A year after the lady went missing, a new lady was hired to run the preschool. She was setting up the room, so she placed a plant on the windowsill and looked out. All she saw was a man in a white suit getting a drink of water.

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