Love Hurt's, Doesn't it?

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I rode my bike down Elm street on one sunny day to Mrs Smith's house since they were having a garage sale. When I arrived there, I saw a thick, old book in the front yard.

"Hello, Mrs Smith"

"Oh hello Emily, would you like to buy something?"

"Well I don't know, but I see you have a really old book for sale. What is it about?"

"Ah...well...It belongs to my great grandparents. They were very fond of paranormal and spells and well, this is their spell book."

"A spell book? Wow! Can I have it?"

"Yeah take it, for free too...It kinda creeps me out sometimes..."

"What do you mean?"

"'ll see."

Though Mrs Smith confused me, I really wanted to see for myself what it really feels like to use spells on people. I ran upstairs to my room and opened the book to the content pages. And on it (in bold) was written: These spells are for people who need it most. Each spell can only be used once for the good of one person so do not use one of the spells more than ONCE. If rules are broken......The rest of the words were all faded and could not be read.

"What if the rules are broken? What will happen?" I thought.

I turned to the first page: Love spells.

"Hmmm, I can use this on my crush!" So I kept on reading.

You'll Need:




Write down your crush's name and their date of birth. Fold the paper up and say this spell.

What ever you say

What ever you do

The person I love will always be you

For whole of our lives you'll be in my heart though death will push us apart

Then burn the piece of paper and scatter the ashes into the wind.

So I did what it said and I trusted it would work.

A few days later, Jake was still ignoring me. Did it even work? I was so angry, so later at home I got the book out again and repeated the same spell for about 5 times, hoping that it would work.

The next day at school, the first thing I did was to search for my crush, Jake. But he was nowhere to be found. I asked my friends and his but they said he might be sick today. After school, I was walking home when I noticed a sign and on it was written:


Name:Jake Adams


If you see him please contact us at 21 Elm Street. Please, we want our son back!

I was terrified. Then suddenly a piece of paper was blown into my face. "Though only death will push us apart" I ripped the paper up. I really didn't mean to harm him! I didn't kill him! I went up to my room as soon as I got home. I opened the book to find a way to bring him back.

But there was nothing. I threw the book and it hit the wall hard, and it flipped to the content pages and the words that were once faded now were revealed: If rules are broken and/or a person is harmed. That person who did the spell,must pay.

Now the next thing I know it, I had collapsed to the ground with a horrible pain in my head. Everything turned black and I could smell the smell of blood. I used my last amount of strength to turn my head to see who had attacked me. It was Jake.

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