Being Watched

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Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched? That's how it felt to Diane, the first time she entered the Sunnyside River Trailer Park. She, her parents and her ten year old brother Matt were on a trip and were staying there for a night. Their parents had to take a rental car to go to a nearby town, because one of their best friends who lived there suffered a heart attack. Since Diane was sixteen they left her in charge to take care of Matt.

The trailer was parked in the back of the park, next to the muddy, swampy river. They weren't too thrilled with the place, for sure. Diane gave her brother some Kraft Dinner and sent him to bed. She stayed up, on the bench next to the window, reading. She looked out the window to the river, but soon got bored. She fell asleep.

She woke up a half hour later because Matt said he had to go to the bathroom. The bathroom in the trailer was broken, so he had to go to the public one. It was literally only fifty meters away, but Matt was too scared to go alone. It was 1 AM. It was "Number Two" so he couldn't just go in the bushes. Besides, that was prohibited. So, sighing, Diane put her boots on and walked her brother to the bathroom. It was a one room bathroom, and it was for Boys, so she waited outside by the door. She had to go, too, so quickly she slipped into the Girls room and went. She came back out to wait afterwards. She could see their trailer in the distance, because of the light inside. Grumpily she called for her brother to hurry up.

Suddenly, she saw a silhouette inside the trailer. It had Matt's signature slouch, but the curtains prevented her from getting a clear picture. Matt must've finished while she was in the bathroom. She walked to the trailer and opened the door. She heard the lounging room door slam close. "Matt," she called irritably, "Bedtime. No TV." Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of someone outside. She went to the door and opened it. There was Matt, walking towards the trailer.

"Why'd you leave?" He whined, but Diane froze. If Matt was here... Who was in there? She grabbed a knife out of the kitchen drawer and motioned for Matt to hide. She took a breath, then threw open the door. It was a small room with a TV and couch. No closets, no hiding spots. And yet, the room was empty. She checked everywhere, but nobody. When she came out she saw Matt peeking out from under the table. "No worries," she said. "I was kidding around."

So, Matt went off to bed, and Diane settled down, believing she had imagined the whole thing. She was drifting off again when a loud bang at the window woke her. She almost screamed, but caught herself. Another bang. Louder, this time. The curtains were drawn, and Diane didn't open them. She was terrified. The banging continued for a moment, then stopped.

Diane checked on Matt, and he was sleeping soundly. She gulped and went back to her couch. She was reading when she heard the doorknob clack around, like somebody was trying to open it, she gasped, and fainted. She woke up in the morning. She remembered last night, and ran into Matt's room. He was fine, reading a comic. Her parents were home, too. They said their friend was going to be okay.

Relieved and believing everything was fine, she headed out to go to the bathroom. She gasped as she saw police cars tearing into the park. They told her to get inside, fast.

A few days later, they told the family what had happened. An escaped convicted killer had escaped the jail a few miles away. He came through the park, hoping to find a victim. He watched the family settle in, and, knowing two young people were now alone, he made his move. He first burst into the unlocked trailer, but nobody was there. This was when Diane and Matt were in the bathroom. Then, Diane came in, and he ducked into the TV room. He had climbed out the window quickly. Then, this man banged on the window, hoping to lure somebody out. When that didn't work he tried to just break in. He had almost succeeded when he saw headlights coming. He hid just in time, and ran away.

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