Tap, tap, tap...

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Jessica was the neighborhoods most common babysitter. Everyone trusted her and she was used for the job often. The Jacksons, who she had babysat for in the past, were going out on their anniversary. They asked Jessica to babysit until around midnight. She accepted. Although usually she didn't like the idea of being home alone so late, she knew the Jacksons and she loved their kids. So the parents left and gave her the number to call if their were any problems. First, Jess fed the two kids and allowed them to stay up for a little while. At about 9:30pm, Jessica put the baby in the crib, and the four year old in her bed. Jessica decided to go watch TV in the living room for awhile. Until about 10:00pm, she was peacefully watching the television when she began to feel a little tired. The Jacksons had told her they didn't mind if she took a nap, as long as the kids were already in bed. Jessica pulled out a blanket and curled up on the couch. Five minutes passed and she suddenly heard loud footsteps kicking up the gravel on the side of the house. Her heart pounded, for she was an easily scared person. The steps approached the window she was lying directly under...

Suddenly, he heard loud banging sounds on the window. "BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!" They went on for ten minutes, causing Jessica to freeze in place. She tried to figure out what the sound was, but she knew there weren't any trees or bushes anywhere near the window to be hitting it. Although the blinds were closed, she didn't want to lean up and look at the window. The banging began to get softer and softer. "Tap, tap, tap." Then it stopped. Jessica sat completely still, still frozen from fear. She glanced up at the clock..10:35pm. She shivered, wishing the parents would come home. Jessica was dead-tired. She was scared to death to fall asleep, but her eyes kept closing, she couldn't help it.

Finally, at about 1pm, she was awoken by Mrs. Jackson.

"We're back now." She said.

"Oh how was dinner?" Jess asked.

"It was wonderful."

"Um, Mrs. Jackson?" Jess asked kind of embarrassed to be asking an adult something like this considering she was fourteen years old.

"Yes dear?"

"Would you and Mr. Jackson mind looking out that window? I heard some creepy noises while you were gone and I just wanted to know if you could check it out for me."

"Of course." She answered as Mr. Jackson came in greeting Jessica.

"Hey Jess, how was it?"

"Oh the kids were great." Jess replied.

"Honey," Mrs. Jackson said, "could you pull up the blinds please?"

Mr. Jackson walked over without question, and pulled on the string. Mrs. Jackson screamed. The window was covered in blood! It was smeared and looked as if someone was trying to wash the window with it. All three of them looked down, and below the window was a body. Just a simple man in a suit, clutching his throat, which was covered in blood. He had a desperate look on his face, and his stomach was filled with stab wounds.

As it turns out, the man was robbed and stabbed just down the street, and he ran to the house to get help. But since Jessica was too scared, she didn't move. He couldn't yell since his throat had been cut, so he banged on the first window he found because there was a light on. The light Jessica had left on. In the end, he died from massive blood loss and because he was hurt so badly, he became weaker, turning his pounding on the window for help into a light "tap, tap, tap..."

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