The Ugly Son

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There lived a rich family of three people. A father, the mother, and their baby son. Everything was perfect in their lives except for one thing; their son. Their boy was a deformed child from birth, and everybody was scared of the boy. He simply appeared hideous and it made people feel uncomfortable, just to see him. People even criticized the parents about the boy, feeling no love for it at all.

One day the parents couldn't stand the trouble and embarrasment of their son any longer, so they decided to go to the cliff at the edge of the road and drop him out into the deep sea.

After they threw out the boy, they couldn't ignore the fact that they had just killed their only child; so they decided to have another baby.

Nine months later, out comes a baby; and it turns out to be another boy. And he turns out perfect in every apparent way.

They were so happy that they finally had a son that they could brag about and show to their friends and families. A few years later, the boy continues to grow up as a healthy and intelligent child.

So one day they decide to take a family picture out by the cliff. As soon as

they get out of the car, the boy comes to his mom and dad, grabs them by the arm and says,"Mommy, Daddy, you're not

going to throw me off the cliff again, are you?"

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