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Bloody Bath

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Tiffany was finishing up homework in her room when she got a text on her cell phone. She didn't recognize the number, but the text said "Take a bath and go to bed, it's a school night". Probably a wrong number, Tiffany thought, but she did what the text said anyway. She had already been planning to take a bath soon.

She stepped into the bathroom and found that the bath tub had already been filled for her. Strange, she thought. Maybe Mother had filled it in advance.

Shrugging, Tiffany undressed and hopped into the tub. Her whole body, including her head, was wet before Tiffany became aware of a stinging sensation all over her skin. In a few moments, the stinging turned to burning, and then she witnessed the skin on her arm begin to peel off. She looked at her leg and the skin there was peeling off too. All the skin on her body was coming off! Her blood shed into the tub and soon the bath was red.

Screaming in agony, Tiffany jumped out of the tub. Her blood gushed like a waterfall all over the bathroom. She turned the knob on the sink so she could try and soothe her burning body with cool water, but no water came out. Why had someone turned off the water?

Tortured cries escaped Tiffany's peeling lips as she painfully opened the door of the bathroom and hobbled out to alert her mother about the crisis.

There on the carpeting in front of the bathroom, was her dead mother in a pool of her own blood. Crying uncontrollably and shedding gallons of blood, Tiffany dragged herself to her room and picked up her cell phone to call the police. A text message was waiting for her. It was from the same number she hadn't recognized just minutes before, and the text said, "Next time, bathe in water." She heard laughter behind her and Tiffany turned around to see a tall man dressed in black holding a bloody knife in one hand and an empty container of sulfuric acid in the other.

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