The Milk Man

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It was a rainy day and Danielle was babysitting her baby brother, Arnel. She had finally put him to bed. Thunder clapped and lightning flashed across the sky. None of her friends were on MSN, so she decided to watch TV.

Suddenly in the middle of a milk commercial the TV turned black. A white figure appeared in the middle of the screen. A screeching noise came out of the TV and Danielle blacked out. When she woke up, The TV was back on the milk commercial, and only 1 minute had passed. She decided to go check on Arnel.

Heading on up the stairs, her computer buzzed. She had received a new IM. Danielle went to check it. It was from her boyfriend, Daniel. He said that there was a serial (Cereal) killer on the loose. Everyone called him The Milk Man because after he drowned his victims, he carved them up and filled them with milk.

The Milk Man was rumored to live in her neighborhood. Daniel said that her next door neighbors were just found dead in their house. There was a note that said that everyone in the neighborhood would be dead by morning. Daniel said he was coming over immediately.

By now, Danielle was extremely scared, so she ran upstairs to check on Arnel. As she was coming up, she heard a thump behind her and then ran. She locked herself and Arnel in her parent's room. She then heard a knock at the door and she heard Daniel.

GET OUT NOW! he screamed. HE IS IN THE ROOM WITH YOU! Danielle turned around in horror and saw a white shadow behind her. It had a knife dripping with milk. She pushed Arnel out the door to Daniel and the last thing she heard was.. GOT MILK? Visitor Rating:

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