The Penny Pincher

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Annie and Sophie were best friends and complete opposites. Annie liked to read and Sophie liked to steal things. It didn't matter what it was, Sophie liked the feeling of doing something she wasn't supposed to and getting away with it.

Annie didn't like it when Sophie stole because she thought she would get in trouble if Sophie was caught. And there was no imagining what her parents would do if they found out Annie had been hiding Sophie's terrible secret. Luckily nobody was ever going to find out what Sophie's favorite little hobby was.

"Dare me to steal that," Sophie whispered to Annie pointing at a Kit Kat bar on the middle shelf at the corner store. "No," Annie whispered back, annoyed with Sophie's little habit. Sophie rolled her eyes and shoved the Kit Kat bar in her purse. They were about to leave when Sophie spotted a jar on the counter filled with loonies just sitting atop the counter. The clerk wasn't looking at them; she was turned around talking on her phone.

Sophie quickly took a loony and laughed, just a loony was funny. The jar read; Give a loony save a child's life. When they both got out of the store Annie got mad at Sophie. "That jar was supposed to be donations for children in Africa," she shouted. "I didn't see you do anything to stop me," Sophie smirked. "If I said anything the clerk would probably turn around and call our parents!" Annie shouted again. "Ya, so?" Sophie answered and walked away back to her house.

Over the next couple of days Sophie hadn't shown up at school and Annie was starting to get worried that they had been caught. So on Saturday morning Annie told her mom that she was going to visit Sophie to see how she was doing. When Annie arrived at Sophie's house and knocked on the door, Sophie's mom had answered. "Oh hi Annie, Sophie is upstairs in her room," Sophie's mom smiled, "She's feeling just a bit under the weather." Annie ran into Sophie's room and looked at the lump in her bed. She appeared to be sleeping.

Annie went over to her bed and shook her, "Sophie get up! It's me." Annie continued to shake her. She flipped her over and gasped. Sophie stared up at her with blank white eyes and her mouth wide open. At the back of her throat was the loony she had stolen just a few days earlier. Annie heard tapping on the window and looked. There was a note taped to it.

If you take a dollar from the jar then you are taking a life.

And that is exactly what she did.

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