Movie Clone

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Jessie never really liked horror films much. She preferred comedy and romance flicks, much to the displeasure of her horror-loving friends.

Jesssie had two friends, a boy named Jason and a girl named Skye. They always hated that when the theaters opened up a new horror flick, Jessie never wanted to come with them. "Come on, Jess, it's only a movie, it's not like it's going to happen to you!" Skye always said in an exasperated voice, always to an agreeing nod from Jason. So one night, when Skye was on vacation with her family and Jason was attending a school football game, Jessie walked to the local movie rentals and got a movie. She looked through the horror section, her eyes nearly covered as she cowered at the grisly images on the covers on the DVDs. Finally, she found one with a completely white cover box. She thought to herself, "Well, that one must not be too scary, it doesn't even have a picture on the box!"

She picked it up and carried it to the counter, to a confused look from the man behind the register. "Um, we don't accept movie donations," he said, "No, I-I'm not trying to donate, I found this in the horror section, I'd like to rent it," said Jessie, slightly uneasy at the man's behavior. Now it had a bar code on it, so the man scanned it and with a furrowed brow said she would need to have it back in two days.

Jessie walked home with the DVD in hand. When she got home, she found a note from her parents saying they'd been invited out to a formal dinner by one of their friends and that there was pizza money taped to the fridge. Jessie was a little disappointed at this; she had wanted someone in the house while she watched the movie. Jessie took the fifteen dollars off the fridge and dialed the pizza place. When her pepperoni and mushroom pizza arrived, she got a slice, poured herself some Coke, and made a cozy spot on the couch before popping the DVD into the player and bracing herself.

The movie started out pretty normal, except for the fact that there was no DVD menu to choose from, the movie just started. She saw a girl in the movie that looked very similar to her, get a DVD with a blank cover, come home and order pizza and start a movie. The strange thing was all there was was a blank TV. Then, the girl in the movie saw a man with a twisted face and an axe outside her window. The girl passed it off as a trick of the quickly fading light, and continued to watch the movie. And then, Jessie noticed that the girl's kitchen in the movie was coincidently located in the same place Jessie's was, right next to her living room and the big archway right behind the couch.

Jessie was really freaked by the movie now, but oddly couldn't stop watching it, even to turn around. The man creeped stealthily up behind the movie girl...Jessie tried to close her eyes, but she couldn't...The man raised his axe above his head...And then the screen went black and Jessie was able to look behind her, only to see a twisted face and the glint of an axe flying through the air...

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