Daniel Winters

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Daniel Winters lived in a small house just outside of the state Nevada, with his roommate Blake. Daniel worked at a tiny grocery store about half a mile away from his house. Because of the distance, he choose to walk to work, instead of drive.

It was December 12, 1993- Daniel was walking home from work as he always did, when he was approached by an old, dirty looking man. The old man stopped Daniel and starting speaking in strange tongues. Trying his best to ignore the old man, Daniel simply walked around him. He got about 5 yards away when the man charged Daniel, knocking him to his feet. Daniel tried his best to shake the man off, but it was no use, he was incredibly strong. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the man pull out a large needle. Before he knew it, the man's fist was raised, and it then came down hard on Daniel's skull, stabbing him with the needle. Daniel let out a scream as the needle pierced his skull- then something happened.. the man was gone.

Daniel slowly stood on his feet, looking from right to left. It was as if that old man was just carried away by the wind. A small stream of blood trickled down Daniel's forehead, as he suddenly felt very weak. He stumbled his way to his house and opened the door. As soon as he walked in he was spotted by his roommate. "Hey man, you don't look so good, what happened?" said Blake. Without a response, Daniel staggered his way to the bathroom. Suddenly feeling very sick, he began to vomit. He started puking blood, and small white insects, that almost resembled small maggots. Scared to death, Daniel stumbled to his room, crawled into his bed and passed out.

December 13, 1993, 2:47 Am- Blake was lying in bed. He had heard alot of noise coming from Daniel's room, but assumed he had just been drinking a little too much. It wasn't uncommon for Daniel to get drunk. Suddenly the door from Daniel's room slammed open. Blake saw his roommate quickly crawl out of his room, and into his own, then quickly crawled under Blake's bed. A little frightened, Blake whispered, "Daniel, what are you doing?". Daniel in a shaky voice, began to speak in weird tongues. Blake got out of his bed, and onto his floor. "Daniel, I dont know what your doing, but get out from underneath my bed". There was a silence. "Daniel-" was all Blake was able to say before Daniel shot out from under his bed, and grabbed Blake by the leg, pulling him under the bed. Blake let out a scream as Daniel sunk his teeth into his leg, then ripping of a large chunk of it. Daniel then crawled out from under the bed, as Blake screamed in fright and in pain, grabbed Blakes hand and snapped his wrist backwards, breaking it. He did the same to his other wrist. He then snapped Blakes leg forward, dislocating it. Blake could do nothing but scream as he watched his roommate break his bones, leaving him unable to get away. Daniel pulled a razor blade from his pocket, and began to carve demonic shapes into Blake's face. Blake was then left there to drown in his own blood. Daniel, clearly possessed, began to tear the house apart. He screamed in torment, and cut himself aggressively, soaking wet from the blood of his roommate, and his own blood.

December 18, 1993- after missing for several days, that small house was searched by authorities. Blake was found dead, and unrecognizable. Daniel, was found nailed to a wall, by his hands and his feet. He too, was unrecognizable, with cuts all over his face, his arms, and his stomach. His eyes had been cut out, as well as his teeth.

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