"i think you've had enough for tonight, man" he said, and i angrily glared back at him.

i rotated back in my seat, to torture myself at the sight of savannah and dylan. she was now sat on his lap, and she moved her long hair to the right side of her shoulder, allowing him kiss her neck and whisper more shit into her ear.

savannah was laughing at something again, but right after, her eyes glanced up and met mine for a split second. she quickly looked away, then put her arm around dylan's shoulder - completely ignoring my presence.

since the bartender was refusing to serve me again, i stood from the bar stool and lazily wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. i clumsily made my way through the crowd, and motioned towards the near back.

"oh, hey! savannah, lauren, what a surprise to see you here!" i loudly slurred. "and of course, the one and only, dylan!".

"jack, are you drunk?" lauren asked me.

"no," i sniggered, as savannah moved off dylan's lap and sat back on the seat beside him. "what's the problem, savs? am i making you uncomfortable?".

"hey dude, stop, you're wasted" johnson suddenly appeared and held me back. "let's go, before you say something stupid".

i helplessly laughed at him and patted the top of his head, "no, i'm good, ok. you here that, savs? i'm doing great, just like you are with your new little boyfriend".

"jack," lauren said.

"no, no, i'm just getting started" i spoke. "so dylan, what was your technique to getting savs back?" i asked, but he stayed quiet.

"is it just a nerd thing, or did you come up with some "technical" strategy to get back in her pants?" i chuckled and mockingly nudged the glasses that sat on his face, before he swatted my hand away.

"and you, little miss savannah," i began and she looked up at me. "new boyfriend, already? well, i think we all know what type of women move on that quick".

i laughed at my own joke, but as soon as the words escaped my mouth, savannah stood from her seat and barged past me to leave.

lauren followed her, and dylan quickly shot up from his chair, "dude, what the hell is wrong with you? look at what you just did! just get out of here!" he yelled and forcefully grabbed onto my shirt to shove me away.

"get the fuck off me!" i retaliated, and harshly pushed him off, until we both ended up physically attacking the other, in front of the entire club.

our friends, and even people that we didn't know, tried to break up the fight before any pure blood was shown. but the only thing that i was focused on was beating the shit out of this idiot.

"jack, stop!" i could hear sammy saying. "come on, stop!" he yelled one last time, before dylan and i were hastily broken apart.

"g, just go outside and get some fresh air," sammy ordered. "we'll be out in a minute".

i fixed up my shirt and glared at the nerd before me, "i don't need fucking fresh air".

"just go!" he demanded and pushed me into the crowd, so i would do as he told.

finding your way through an overfilled club, while you're partially drunk isn't the most easy task, but i eventually reached the exit and pushed down on the door's metal bar to leave.

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