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savannah's pov

last night, i emailed my boss, mr montgomery about my leave. it probably took me about thirty minutes to actually work up the courage to send it, because doing this, just makes my decision of moving to london even more official.

talking to my parents and sister about it all, last night wasn't the easiest thing to do either. but, they eventually saw my side of everything, and agreed to support me as much as they can.

whereas for dylan, i haven't spoken to him since yesterday evening, so i'm just hoping that he has a change in mood, if i see him at work today.

i was making my way to sammy's office, where him, johnson and nate were talking, because i've decided that today is the day that i tell the guys about my new job.

"good morning" i knocked on the door and said.

"good morning" they all spoke back at their own paces.

"hey, savannah, please can you tell nate that back in tenth grade, i stole a car, because he doesn't believe me" johnson begged.

"i never said that i didn't believe you. just the way that you retold it sounds oddly fairytale-like" nate sniggered, and i began to laugh at their childish conversation.

"i was running from the police, because i spray painted a wall, then a car was left unlocked, with the keys in, and i drove away" johnson accounted. "how does that sound fake?".

"because, you're you, and i could never imagine you spray painting a wall" nate argued. "let alone, steal a fucking car".

"...they've been on this topic for like a half an hour now" sammy whispered to me, as nate and johnson continued to squabble in front of us.

at this moment, i couldn't help, but imagine how i won't be able to come into work and hear the guys having these ridiculous conversations everyday.

johnson stopped arguing and groaned, "savannah, come on, tell him that-...hey, are you crying?" he pointed out, before i sniffed and quickly dabbed underneath my eyes.

"no, no. it's just allergies," i brushed off and smiled. "hey, can you guys, all come to dinner tonight? say nobu, at seven?".

they all exchanged various looks, "yeah, sure. how comes?" sammy wondered.

"i have an announcement to make, and i'd just prefer to do it when we're all together" i explained to them.

"o-kay, well, should we be scared or excited?" nate questioned with his brow raised.

"just wait and see" i chuckled and patted his back.

i noticed the questioning looks on their faces, before i walked out of the door to go and invite the one other person to this dinner tonight.

even though, jack and i are not on the best of terms right now, i still want him to be there, and i still want him to know as much about my job in london, as everyone else.

i knocked on his office door, and heard a deep 'come in', before i opened it and saw jack standing over his desk. his white sleeves were rolled up, and he was writing down some notes on a piece of paper.

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