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savannah's pov

since both lauren and i are apart of the fashion editors department, we're always the busiest during fashion week.

los angeles' fashion week is on monday, and lauren and i are both hoping that our boss chooses us to go sit in at the fashion show, so we decided to make a great article together about this week's new york show to impress him.

"hey, are you ready?" lauren stood in the door way of my office, wearing her long coat and carrying her bag.

"lo, you can go ahead. it's friday and i've barely had any time to focus on that new york article" i said as i sat at my computer, running my hands through my hair.

"yeah, you've been spending a lot of time with dylan this week".

"i know, but it's 7pm and i promise to be done by at least 9. you can take my car, and i'll just get a cab home" i told her.

"okay, text me when you're in the cab so i can order us a pizza or something" she said as i tossed her my keys.

"hey, what you guys talking about?" jack said, when he came up from behind lauren with his shirt sleeves rolled up and his tie a little loose.

"we're talking about you, and how much you suck" lauren smiled and i laughed at her words.

"wow, very immature, lo" he smirked, and she nudged him a little.

"how comes you're still here? i thought you left an hour ago with johnson?" i asked him.

"i have a little extra work to do. that three week honeymoon didn't really do me as well as i thought" he shrugged. "so i'm just gonna stick around for an hour or two, how about you?".

"same here. got some fashion week articles to finish" i nodded.

"right, we'll i'm going to go now" lauren said and broke the brief silence. "you two, enjoy yourselves. i'll see you at home, and i'll see you tomorrow" she said, giving jack a friendly air kiss on the cheek then giving me a quick look.

i mean, i know what she's thinking. jack and i are alone at work and something might happen. but one, he's married, two, i have a boyfriend and three, i'm completely over that "crushing on my best friend" phase.


this chapter is short af i'm sorry, but next chapter is almost finished so i'm posting soon!

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