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savannah's pov

sammy hesitantly shut the door behind him, "what's going on?" he asked.

jack and i slowly glanced at one another and waited for someone to say something.

"...if we tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone" i sternly spoke with my finger pointed at him.

jack immediately nudged me on the arm and stared at me questionably, "savs?! what do you think you're doing?".

"jack, it's sammy. he was bound to find out eventually" i told him and he sighed deeply - pushing his hand through his hair. i hesitated before speaking again, "we've been, um, sleeping together," i admitted and sammy instantly raised his eyebrows with shock.

"woah, okay, i did not see that coming. for how long?" he questioned.

"a week and a few days. but dude, you can't tell anyone" jack reassured.

"what about the guys and lauren?".

"they don't know either. it's just you" i informed.

"and madison especially can't find out" jack explained. "she'd murder both of us, including you" he gestured to sammy and my mind quickly imagined all of the torture that madison would put me through.

"hey, uh, savannah. can you give jack and i a minute please?" sammy suddenly said. he'd paused my thoughts and i furrowed my eyebrows at him.

"what? why?".

"i just need to speak to him about something, no biggie" he smiled. i exchanged a quick look with jack, who looked as confused as i was, but i rounded up a few papers and left them alone any ways.

jack's pov

"what's up?" i questioned and leant back onto savannah's desk.

sammy practically choked out a laugh and shook his head, "what are you doing, bro?" he said and i looked at him with a confusion, waiting for him to elaborate.

"with savannah," he added. "look, she's fragile ok, we all know that, so she doesn't need all of this shit".

"what do you mean?.

"okay, no offence to madison, but from day one, i've been waiting for you and savannah to get together. but all i'm saying is, don't just use her as some toy to distract you from your failing marriage,".

"sam, that's ridiculous. i'm-i'm not" i responded, but struggled to keep my hands still. "i've already discussed this with her any ways, and i'm already gonna prove to her that that's not true,".

"but do you love her?" sammy asked me and the question immediately took me back to my high school days; back when i was able to answer that question in a single second. whether it meant as a friend, or more than that.

"well, yeah, i guess".

"well, do you love madison?".

"look, dude, it's early days!" i quickly defended. "one step a time, ok?".

sammy sighed a loud and opened the door, "just don't go breaking her heart, g" he told me and gave me that 'i'm watching you' gesture before shutting the door behind him.

savannah's pov

i saw sammy leaving my office from speaking to jack and wanted to go ask what it was all about. like you can't just find out that your friends are having an affair and then privately speak to jack about anything, but that.

i knocked onto sammy's door and peeped my head through to see him settling into his desk chair. "hey, can i come in?".

"yeah, what's up?" he nodded and i shut the door before standing in front of him.

"what were you and jack talking about? and don't say that it was nothing, sam, because i'm not stupid" i chuckled with my hand placed on my hip.

he licked his lips, gesturing that he about to speak, "i was just making sure that he wasn't going to hurt you" sammy shrugged and i put my hand on my heart.

"aww, you care about me" i teased and leant over to mockingly squeeze his cheek.

"yeah, yeah," he slightly laughed and pushed my hand off. "but i mean, i would of never expected you to be involved in an affair. are you sure you're doing the right thing?".

"well, i ask myself that question practically everyday. all i know is that i was kidding myself when i said i was over him two months ago".

"yeah, but before you go any further in this whole thing, that is if you can, make sure that he wasn't kidding himself either" sammy told me and i slowly took his words into consideration.

"i will, sam. thank you" i smiled and he did the same to me until i turned in my heels to leave.


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