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savannah's pov

i was sitting in the driver's seat of my car. tapping my fingers against the steering wheel and anxiously biting my lip, as i stared out the window.

i was silently debating between two things. one, to drive away and not have to face possible rejection when i tell my best friend that i love him on his wedding day. or two, go inside his house, confront him about how our drunken kiss meant something to me, and top it off with a quick 'i've loved you since we were sixteen'.

the second choice probably sounds more humiliating than the first, but i have to do this so i at least don't regret not doing anything, five years from now.

i walked towards the front door - my black heels clinking against the pavement and my hands patting down my flowy-blue, short dress. i put strands of my light hair behind my ear, holding my clutch bag in one hand and ringing the doorbell with the other. my heart skipped a million beats, but relaxed when i saw who opened the door.

"savannah, you made it!" johnson happily greeted, looking great in his best-man suit, as he embraced me with a hug.

"of course i made it," i said, stepping into the house. "i wouldn't want to miss my best friend getting married".

"ugh, i would. he's been up and down all morning, it's annoying as fuck" nate complained and slouched against the wall. i chuckled at his words then started biting my lip again, moving my head to look around.

"speaking of the groom, where is jack?" i asked.

"he's upstairs, why?" sammy asked. all three of them suddenly looked at me worryingly, knowing exactly why i was looking for him.

they all know that i have feelings for jack gilinsky. them three and then lauren, our other friend. that's it. everyone in the squad knows, except for jack himself.

"i need to talk to him, guys" i somewhat pleaded. "he needs to know now, so i can at least have some closure and move on. because it'll be christmas 2016, we'll all be sitting at dinner at his and madison's house, she'll announce that she's pregnant, and i'll just be sitting there wondering what if. so please, i have to do this,".

they exchanged multiple looks after my tiny speech until sammy gave me a quick gesture to say go ahead. i then shot them a quick smile before walking upstairs - reciting what i'm going to say over and over again in my head.


not good with first chapters, but i hope you like the story so far :)

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