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savannah's pov

i was standing in front of the copy machine, tapping my nails against the top and waiting for the copies to come out.

my mind had completely drifted elsewhere until i felt someone swoop their arms around my waist - immediately making me turn around.

"shit, you scared me," i said as jack stood before me and i playfully slapped his arm.

he leant in and tried to kiss my lips, but i quickly held him back. "jack, we can't. well, at least not here. someone could see us".

it's been a week since jack and i first slept together, and less than fifteen hours since we slept together again.

ever since that first encounter, we've been sneaking around to each other's offices to make out, or i'd go his place when madison was work. there was just no way that we could go to my apartment since i live with lauren and no one has any idea about this.

i broke up with dylan too. it happened a couple of days ago and he took it much better than i thought he would - like he already saw it coming. but i guess he probably did since i barely paid any attention to him in the last few days.

jack sighed and removed his arms from my waist - running his hand through his hair. "yeah, i guess you're right. but after last night, i've just been waiting to hold you again" he smiled a little, and took held of my hand.

"me too" i said, looking down at our hands together.

"i'm working late tonight, you could perhaps 'work late' too?" he suggested and i lightly bit my lip, nodding my head to answer. "good, because-".

"hey guys" johnson suddenly interrupted and we quickly let go from holding hands, then stood a little away from one another. "what are you doing?".

"oh, i'm just copying work" i answered, while nervously fixing up my hair.

"i was just speaking to her about stuff" jack added, and johnson nodded his head while tapping on a bunch of buttons to copy some papers.

i was starting to feel kind of bad for keeping this from him, because it's always been me, him and jack. every secret would be between the three of us, and there's probably not one thing that we don't know about each other.

"you know, it's been a long time since just us three have hung out" johnson said. "we should do something tonight".

"tonight? uh, we can't. well, i can't, i have to work late" jack quickly replied.

"i have work too, but maybe tomorrow?" i hastily suggested to somewhat retract the guilt that i was gaining.

johnson took the printed paper out of the machine then carefully started stapling them together.

"yeah, alright. hopefully boss doesn't make me work till late, but tomorrow should be fine. it'll be just like old times...except we won't be climbing through windows and riding our bikes all night" he laughed, and jack and i tried our best to laugh along too.

"well tomorrow sounds good, guys, but i've got to get back to work" i quickly told them both, before my mouth could suddenly blurted out to johnson that his two best friends were secretly having an affair together.


this chapter was much shorter and i'm sorry, but i just needed some sort of aftermath from the last one. next chapter will also contain smut, so this is a pre-warning ahaha.

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