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jack's pov

i was sitting in the driver's seat of my car - tapping against the steering wheel and checking my watch every few seconds for the time.

the passenger door eventually opened and i sat up straight as madison entered the car.


"hey?" i repeated and grimaced. "was there a reason why you were calling me non-stop today? i was at work, madison".

"i know, but it was urgent" she began. "i'm going to need the money a little earlier than we agreed on".

"but i said, i'd transfer it tomorrow".

"yes but once you transfer it, it'll take at least another two days for it to actually get to my account".

i pulled my hands down my face and checked my watch again, "fine, fine, how early?".

" today"

my eyes expanded at the short notice, that i even began chuckling to check if it were a joke or not until i furrowed my brows at her.

"madison, i'm supposed to be home for a dinner with savannah right now. i don't have time to go down to the bank, sit down and ask to take out so much".

"jack, please. just tell savannah that you'll be home as soon as you can. these guys are literally timing me".

i examined the panic on her face, and began contemplating so intensely on what to do next, that it turned into an imaginary scale - madison in trouble on one end and dinner with my girlfriend and friends on the other.

the scale grew heavier on one of the sides, so i resulted into taking out my phone and sending savannah a message that read; i'll be home soon, eat without me. i'm sorry. i love you x

i put my phone away and madison exhaled with a tiny smile across her lips and her hand placed on my arm.

"thank you" she said as i glanced down at her touch on my skin.

her small grin still remained on her face when i looked back up, though i refused to return any other gesture except for turning the ignition of my car, and driving us to the bank.


two hours later, i came through the front door. i chucked my keys onto the side table and took off my suit jacket, following the movements coming from inside the kitchen.

savannah stood over the sink, washing the dishes and at this point i wasn't sure if she had read my text or if she did, and was too mad to even respond.

"hey" i cautiously spoke, placing my stuff down on one of the bar chairs.

she glanced over her shoulder for a brief second and simply shot me a quick smile. i knitted my brows together at her bland response, before walking over and moving her hair to one side so i could rest my chin on her shoulder.

"i'm sorry for missing the dinner. i just had to sort out some work stuff" i explained, my hand rubbing up and down her side.

savannah huffed as she continued scrubbing the plates, "why do you have to lie to me, jack?".

i took a step back and came around to lean on the counter, so i could see her face more clearly.

"because, i know that you were with madison and i just don't understand why you have to tell me that you weren't".

savannah placed the last dish on the rack, she turned off the tap and pulled off the gloves before turning to me.

"i just don't want you to get the wrong idea" i told her and held her hand that was resting by the sink. "i'm just trying to help her, that's all".

"but lying to me makes me think otherwise, jack. i just don't want there to be any secrets between us"

"me too. okay, i'm sorry" i came closer and embraced her with a hug, holding her head closer towards my chest with my hand.

i planted a kiss on her forehead, knowing that hugging her can sometimes be a disadvantage as i'm always reluctant to even let go.

she eventually exhaled deeply and turned her head to look up at me from her shorter height.

"i'm in desperate need of a warm, bubble bath" she told me as i moved strands of her hair away from her face.

i licked my lips, "me too".

"oh sorry, there's only one master bathroom in this house" she shrugged and released from my hold to start leaving the kitchen.

"yeah, there's only one in my house!" i emphasised.

savannah hurried upstairs and i began trying to catch up with her by taking the stairs two at a time.

"ahem, what happened to making myself at home?" she recalled.

we both reached the bedroom and i just about grabbed onto her waist to hold her against the closed door - both of us breathing breathlessly from running up the stairs.

"but, i didn't mean stripping down naked and having a bath without me" i whispered, practically fanning her face with my breath.

i came closer to place a soft kiss on her lips, until she abruptly stopped me with her finger.

"well too bad, because this is what you get for missing dinner" she mockingly smiled and patted my chest, causing me to shake my head at her walking into the bathroom with pride.


this chapter was short af, but the next chapter will be posted tomorrow.

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