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savannah's pov

i bent down to tie up my running shoes securely, then placed my beats headphones over my ears.

right hand by drake started playing through them and once i was ready, i started jogging away from dylan's apartment, and down the street.

since dylan and i have been dating for a while now, i've been spending quite a lot time at his place and he's been spending a lot of time at mine. it's sunday now, and i've been at his since friday night, but we're always fantasising about moving in together one day, so doing all of this is like a head start.

dylan was too busy getting on with some work, so he refused to take a break and come running with me...or it was just because he was scared, that i would completely out run him.


i was already a few blocks away from where i started and i began to speed up my pace as the music continued to play in my ears;

you and all your girlfriends
the ones you never bring around me
'cause you don't trust me like your last man
did he open doors for ya?
buy the things he can't afford for ya

once i ran for a few extra minutes, i started to slow down and put the headphones back around my neck. i inhaled and exhaled quite excessively, as sweat trickled down my forehead and i took swings from the bottle of water that i had.

i was mainly focused on catching my breath back a little until my eyes darted to a familiar face, jogging shirtless across the street.

it was jack, and the last time that i saw him was two days ago at the nightclub.

i know that i rejected him and i know that he said that he was "done fighting" for something that he only wanted, but that doesn't mean that we can't still be friends...right?

jack didn't notice me standing on the other side of the street, so he ran into a nearby park and stopped by a bench table that sat under some trees.

without hesitation, i decided to cross the road and jog over to where he was.

"hey" i spoke and placed my water down on the wooden table.

jack glanced up at me while wiping off the sweat on his head, "hi".

"so, how's your weekend going?" i asked as he lifted his foot onto the seat to re-tie his laces.

he sighed like i was completely bothering him, "fine, yours?".

"uh, okay, i guess". he took out his phone from his pocket, then i watched him scan through it, and blatantly ignore my presence.

i quickly repeated friday's events in my head, to see if there was a legit reason why he was acting this way towards me. but i found nothing, "have i done something wrong?".

"no, why?".

"because you're on your phone, giving me blunt answers and acting like i'm not even here".

"oh, well i'm sorry if my world doesn't just revolve around you, savannah" he harshly responded.

"i never said that it did" i told him. "i just thought that after everything, we could at least try to be friends".

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