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jack's pov

savannah had no right to tell me that she loves me, especially not today of all days, because for all those years, i loved her too. i was crazy about her until i realised that i was wasting my time.

i knew very well that she only saw me as a friend, so i got over it and met madison. madison's one of the best things that have ever happened to me and i can't let savannah ruin our day.

i've honestly got to get my mind off this and focus on what's important today. marrying my fiancee.

i walked down the staircase, still trying to do up my bow tie, and to be honest, i've never been the best at doing these, especially when i can't concentrate.

"dad, can you help me with this?" i asked, going into the kitchen to see him fiddling with a video camera.

he chuckled and settled it down. "sure, son. you're nervous, aren't you?" dad asked then i pulled my hands down my face.

"yeah, i guess so" i slightly smiled.

"don't be, madison's a great girl and your mom and i are right by your side. so are your sisters and so are your friends".

"i know. thanks dad" i told him just as he'd finished what i couldn't complete. he grabbed the video camera from the kitchen counter and patted me on the back.

"no problem. now, we've got to get going" he said as i put on my shoes and suit jacket. i followed him into the hallway and he stood by the staircase. "kids, we've got to start making our way to the church!".

johnson, sammy, nate, and savannah walked down the stairs after my dad called for them. i could see that her eyes were still a little red, but she'd fixed up her make up. savannah looked away from me, making me realise that i was staring too long, but the doorbell rang, helping me snap back into reality.

"i knew that you all would still be here," i opened the door to see our friend, lauren looking at her watch. "you'd all get to the wedding and it would be over!" she complained and rushed us all out of the house.

"technically that wouldn't be possible because jack's still here" sammy commented and she rolled her eyes.

i hastily walked towards my dad's rolls royce. he drove, sammy in the front, then nate, johnson and i in the back. whereas, savannah travelled in her car with lauren.

savannah's pov

"so i'm guessing you told him, huh?" lauren asked me and i glanced at her in the passenger seat, still trying to focus on following david's car.

"how can you tell?".

"well, you're quiet as hell, you didn't even look in jack's direction and plus, you're favourite song is on right now and you're not belting out the lyrics" she explained and i relaxed in my seat, smiling a little at how she knows me so well.

lauren's been my best friend for six years now. we met in college, ended up graduating together, now we're working together and living together. i've been close to jack and jack most of life, so it's great to finally have a best friend who's a girl.

i sighed a loud, gripping tighter onto the steering wheel. "he freaked out. completely freaked out, then said that i had no right to tell him today of all days, then he made it pretty clear that he doesn't feel the same...way" i started to quietly breathe in and out once i heard my voice crack. i just really didn't want to start crying again.

lauren then reached over and rubbed my shoulder, "don't worry about it, savannah. if he wants to marry a gold-digger, fuck him. it's his loss" she said, brightening up my mood a little.

"you know what, you're right" i agreed and gave her a tiny smile before focusing back on the road.


"I now pronounce you, husband and wife, you may kiss the bride" the priest said a loud and jack immediately attached his lips to madison's, and i watched him smile into moment.

everyone began cheering as they both started walking down the aisle. i started clapping my hands too to refrain from standing out, and also avoided eye contact with jack when he looked in my direction.

i can't believe that he's officially married. now i'm forced to forget that i ever even loved him, or that my first kiss was one of the best days ever, or that i dated multiple guys through high school and college, but knew in the back of my head that i loved my best friend for twelve years now.

wow. this is definitely going to be harder than i thought.


"i remember when jack and i were seven years old..." johnson started, and since he's the best man, he's the first to give a speech.

but i know very well that these speeches will continue for way too long and i don't think that i will be able to sit here and continue to watch the newlyweds kiss every fucking minute.

"hey," i whispered to lauren. "i think i'm gonna leave early".

"no, no. please stay, you're supposed to give a speech any ways" she reminds me and i instantly decided to myself that that was not going to happen.

"i know, but i can't. i just need to get out of here" i told her just as i got up from my seat. "you gonna be ok getting back home?".

"yeah, i'll probably make one of the guys do it" she brushed off then gave me a tight hug.

"ok. oh and tell jack that no matter what, i'm happy for him, please".

"i will. i'll see you at home" lauren smiled and hugged me one last time, then i started going past the numerous tables of people to sneak out peacefully.


this chapter was longer yay.

btw, this story is not intended to shade gilinsky and madison's relationship. they may be dating in real life, but this story is FICTION. i honestly have no opinion on their relationship, just as long as he's happy and not forgetting about who got him to where he is 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊.

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