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Stay With Me (Sammy x Norman) by DemonSheep88
Stay With Me (Sammy x Norman)by DemonSheep88
SAMMY X NORMAN!!! I love this ship and I just eventually had to write a whole story about them, and theres barley any story's about them so here ya go Also this story is...
Sammdy (A Sammy x Bendy Smut filled fanfiction) by pinkflowerpetalsbabe
Sammdy (A Sammy x Bendy Smut 🌺
Yes you can request in the comments of the first chapter! No I don't have any amount of pride or shame, just creativity. Yes it's gay if you don't like it fuck off, yes...
Writing on the walls by DemonSheep88
Writing on the wallsby DemonSheep88
Henry is sick of the same loops, over and over, nothing ever changes. That is, until of course something does change. And that one thing changing, changed the whole lay...
🦖 ᴊᴡᴄᴄ | ᴘᴇᴀᴋ | ʏᴀꜱᴍɪɴᴀ by CottoncandyWP
🦖 ᴊᴡᴄᴄ | ᴘᴇᴀᴋ | ʏᴀꜱᴍɪɴᴀby CottoncandyWP
ᴀ ᴛʀᴏᴜʙʟᴇᴅ ᴛᴇᴇɴ ʀᴇᴜɴɪᴛᴇꜱ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴀɴ ᴏʟᴅ ꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅ. ᴊᴜʀᴀꜱꜱɪᴄ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ᴄᴀᴍᴘ ᴄʀᴇᴛᴀᴄᴇᴏᴜꜱ ꜱᴇᴀꜱᴏɴ 1 ✔️ ꜱᴇᴀꜱᴏɴ 2 ✔️✍️ ꜱᴇᴀꜱᴏɴ 3 ❌✍️ ꜱᴇᴀꜱᴏɴ 4 ❌ ꜱᴇᴀꜱᴏɴ 5❌ ʏᴀꜱᴍɪɴᴀ ꜰᴀᴅᴏᴜʟᴀ x ꜰᴇᴍ!ᴏᴄ ᴍɪʟᴇꜱᴛᴏ...
BATIM x Reader Oneshots (Discontinued.) by CruunchyBabyToes
BATIM x Reader Oneshots ( CruunchyBabyToes
Just some 'x Reader' oneshots with your favorite BATIM characters! (Warning: Very slow updates :/)
Make it through the night by AnnaLeeaSPanda
Make it through the nightby AnnaLeeaSPanda
Lilly Black was so excited when she found out she had won the writing contest, and along with it a trip to Jurassic Worlds Camp Cretaceous. Little did she know what the...
Camp Cretaceous (Darius x Oc) by FlamingRiver06
Camp Cretaceous (Darius x Oc)by FlamingRiver06
Evelyn Grady is Owen Grady's daughter. Evelyn is the T-Rex trainer at Jurassic world. When Evelyn's dad tells her she has to go to Camp Cretaceous she never expected wha...
Brave |Ben Pincus x Female Reader| by Sunny_Ventures1126
Brave |Ben Pincus x Female Reader|by
Y/n is a brave and determined girl. She got into camp cretaceous by a certain someone who has a high status in Jurrasic World. Which makes her able to train with dinosau...
Camp Cretaceous: Apex Predator  by Don_Hoodini
Camp Cretaceous: Apex Predator by Hayama_soma Leonardo
You're an interesting person to say the least. You're unique, you can eat more than your body weight, people gets warnings in their head around you to be cautious for un...
Bendy X Reader(One-shots)(slow-Updates) by Lloyd0Garmadon
Bendy X Reader(One-shots)( Knucklescake
I'm gonna try to write every week 2 new stories!! have fun reading this! Here are some rules for the requests: -I DON'T do deadlines! -I WON'T write it when it's alread...
Camp Cretaceous (various) x reader by luna_storytime
Camp Cretaceous (various) x readerby luna_storytime
(Y/N) is a sweet,maybe not so shy, and athletic girl. That is at first of course. Unlock (Y/N) personalities as she ventures into camp cretaceous. She doesn't get alon...
sugar daddy » jack gilinsky by natemaloley
sugar daddy » jack gilinskyby (rih)anna
"Give me sex and your time and I'll buy you anything you want, baby." In which a girl takes up an offer, but then realizes that it isn't as easy and simple as...
Supernatural Imagines (On Hiatus) by Moonlight219
Supernatural Imagines (On Hiatus)by Moonlight219
Supernatural Imagines. My list of characters •Jack Kline •Sam Winchester •Dean Winchester •Gabriel •Castiel ...
Shorty and Sammy by Fan_Fiction005
Shorty and Sammyby ~R~
Alternative Ending to Book I of Abhira Series: Yeh Dooriyan ... Story of Samarthya and his Shorty- Akshara. ... Can love happen twice? ... Disclaimer: Yeh Dooriyan: Boo...
Nature Boy: Camp Cretaceous  by R3DSPADES
Nature Boy: Camp Cretaceous by Hunter
A 14 year old kid has been working with animals all his life. He had a troubled home life, especially with his father as the two have very different ideals. His grandfat...
Left behind (benpincus x femalereader) by ajmajesty05
Left behind (benpincus x Eclipse Lycan
Y/n is like any normal orphan or so she thinks. One day she gets adopted by a family named the Bowmans, she gets two brothers named Darius and Brandon. Everything is nor...
Meet On The Ledge || Greta Van Fleet by jerryinchains
Meet On The Ledge || Greta Van Love & Peace
Remember that first day? I do. In the car, the windows rolled down, music flowing through the air. I was at peace with everything and everyone. We were family.
𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙂𝙐𝘼𝙍𝘿𝙄𝘼𝙉𝙎___❪Bᵃᵗᵈʳ ˣ Rᵉᵃᵈᵉʳ❫ by RobenChan3
𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙂𝙐𝘼𝙍𝘿𝙄𝘼𝙉𝙎___❪Bᵃᵗᵈʳ 𝗜𝗻𝗸 𝗕𝗲𝗻𝗱𝘆
[𝙲𝙾𝙼𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝚂𝙾𝙾𝙽!] Audrey Drew x Gender Neutral Ink Demon Reader [Ft. Baby Bendy] ______________________________ ❝𝙄'𝙢 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙨𝙖𝙮.❞ 𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙂...
Never (yandree bendy x reader) by izu__Bunny
Never (yandree bendy x reader)by Dream’s mushroom
Clumsy, shy, open hearted, kind hearted You were truely the best little thing. and he loved you for it he wanted you he needed you and he was never going to let you go...