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savannah's pov

"come in," i heard jack say from inside his room, and i opened up the door to see him buttoning up his white shirt in the mirror. "oh, hey savs".

"hi," i said back, beginning to saunter around his room.

i stared at his window and immediate flashbacks came back of when we were younger -  johnson and i would always climb through that window to beg jack to come late-night bike riding with us, and we never even got caught by our parents once.

"yeah, it was weird coming back here for me too" jack mentioned, almost as if he read my mind. "made me realise how quickly time flew by".

"really?" i asked, continuing to watch him get ready.

he nodded, "yeah. first, we were climbing through each other's windows at night and riding our bikes down to the park, but now i've got my own house and i'm getting married".

my smile quickly faded at his last words, but i tried my best to snap out of it and remove my frown before jack could question it.

"big day, huh?" i told.

he breathed out heavily and began attempting to tie his bow tie, "you have no idea"

silence soon fell upon us and my head constantly repeated what i wanted to say until my lips finally opened.

"jack, i-i need to talk to you," i blurted out, my palms instantly beginning to sweat. "it's about us. or you, or me".

"is this about that kiss three days ago? because in our defence, we were both a little wasted and i already told madison about it, and she didn't really mind" he chuckled.

i slowly began to pace around the room, "i know, but—"

"we weren't even a little wasted, we were completely wasted" jack annoyingly continued as i fiddled with my hands.

"yes, but—"

"and technically, it's swazz's fault for willingly buying us so much vod-"

"i love you, jack" i confessed, keeping mu pace to a halt.

i squeezed my eyes shut and waited patiently for his reaction, but i felt like i needed to elaborate more, so i opened them once again.

"not just as my best friend, but more than that. i always have, and-and i was going tell you sooner but then you met madison and i just—...say something, then".

"are you serious?" he softly asked. i stared at him through his mirror, as he looked at me through it. his expression was just too vague for me to read.

"are you serious, that you thought that out of all the days you could have told me, you decide to tell me on my wedding day?!" jack yelled, his voice more serious and demanding.

my mouth went dry at his response as he turned away from the mirror and faced me with a hint of anger in his eyes, and his eyebrows furrowed.

"well?!" he exclaimed and i jumped a little as i still tried to take in his reaction.

"i-i don't know," i stuttered. "there was just never the right time".

he tugged his fingers through his hair, then sat down on his bed. "never the right time? savs, you had five months to tell me. i've been engaged for five months and you never even once thought: let me tell him now, so i don't ruin his wedding day!".

tears were now forming in my eyes. throughout all of our years of friendship, jack has never yelled at me like this before. and to think i thought that this of all topics would be the one where he'd be more sympathetic.

"i'm not trying to ruin anything. i guess i didn't tell you because i was just afraid of rejection!" i tried to raise my voice a little louder, even though a lump strained against my throat.

jack rubbed his chin, shaking his head at my words. "so what were you expecting? for me to say 'i love you too' then i'd leave madison and we'd run away together?".

"jack, you're just twisting my words now" i sternly told him, becoming more frustrated than upset. "i just needed to know how you felt, so i could at least move on with my life".

"fine," he rose from the bed and came a little closer to me, his face inches away from mine. "i don't feel the same way. i love madison and i always will. so there, you can move on".

jack hastily grabbed his suit jacket and shoes, then brushed past me. i heard the door open behind me and then loudly close once he left the room.

my emotions reversed again as the tears started falling down my cheeks even more. i never thought that hearing him reject me like that would hurt so fucking bad. i just felt as though the room was getting smaller and i just needed to get out of here.

i turned around to see the door open with johnson, sammy and nate entering the room. instead of giving me the 'i told you so' look, they stared at me sympathetically instead and sammy immediately embraced me with a tight hug, and i cried into his arms.


btw in this story, when i say "jack", i mean jack gilinsky and i'll only ever call jack johnson, "johnson" ok.

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