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savannah's pov

i continued to lay comfortably on jack's chest, as the room abruptly filled with the sound of our breathing, and instead of the response that i was expecting.

"look, savannah-" he began and i knew exactly where this was going, so i sat up once i began to feel embarrassed. "babe, come on,".

i shook my head and carefully reached over the bath to grab the towel. "no, it's fine. don't worry about it" i brushed off and stood up to securely wrap it around me.

"then why are you getting out?".

"because i just am," i sternly spoke. i avoided eye contact with him, as i stepped out of the water, blew out the candles and walked back into the bedroom.

i zipped open my duffel bag and took out some sweatpants and a tank top, then started putting them on over some underwear.

i continued to mentally curse at myself, because not hearing jack say those three words back just reminded me of his wedding. how heartbroken and humiliated i was, after he made it completely clear that he didn't feel the same way.

a small tear trickled down my cheek at the thought, but i quickly wiped it away as i tried to gather my shit together as fast as i can.

i just can't stay here tonight, not now.

i took my bags and walked out of the room, just as jack followed me while tightening his towel and with water droplets still lingering on his torso.

"savs, just let me explain" he said and i paused when we reached the bottom of the stairs - waiting patiently for him to speak. "...i love you-".

he started, but i dropped my bags and cut him off. "no, jack! don't just say it because you have to and because you don't want me to leave!".

jack pushed his hands through his hair, then slowly pulled them down his face, "okay, listen. i care about you - a lot. but i just don't want to say those three words while we're still in a situation like this" he explained, and i was biting down on my bottom lip to prevent another tear from falling.

"i have feelings for you, of course but just give me some time and-".

"so i'm expected to just wait around for you to decide whether you love me or not?" i once again, interrupted. "but what if you say no, jack? huh? am i supposed to understand and magically forget about all of this?".

"no, that's not what i'm saying" he hastily responded and gripped onto my hand. "i'm doing this for us, okay".

jack tenderly stroked his fingers down the side of my cheek and leant his forehead onto mine.

"please just stay," he softly whispered and i closed my eyes, as his warm breath fanned my face. "so i can hold you...and kiss you...and touch you. please".

he begged and planted a small kiss against my lips - his stubble grazing my skin. i kept my eyes shut and exhaled when he pulled away because i knew that even if i did leave, i just wouldn't be able to stay away.

jack caressed my cheek, before placing his lips back onto mine. the kiss was slow at first, but i immediately took that as his way of teasing me, so i attached our lips even more and pulled him in as close to me as possible.

it was hard not to be aggressive. it's just that as soon as our lips come together, i gain this new confidence that makes me craze him like some sort of addiction.

jack soon responded to my lust with animalistic hunger - he ran his tongue over my lips when i parted them slightly, and his hands found their way to my hair, then waist. he moved his lips lower and pulled my lip between his teeth, causing me to moan at the pleasure. jack sniggered at my reaction, then repeated the action straight after.

i wrapped my arms around his neck as his calloused hands went underneath my shirt. they first rubbed my lower back, but soon travelled to my sweatpants and slowly tugged down on the waistband, and my underwear underneath.

i instantly understood his forward gesture and briefly pulled away from the heated kiss, "wait, here?" i questioned, but was barely able to talk through my increased breathing.

jack simply gave me a wicked smile and licked his lips, before he pressed them back into mine and returned to the intimacy.

to be honest, i didn't care where we did it. i just know that i need him as soon as possible, and that i'm glad i decided to be on the pill this weekend.

i assisted jack with removing my lower clothing until they fell to the ground. he immediately grabbed onto my thighs and picked me up to hold me against the nearby wall. our lips never disconnected once as he pressed his hips between my legs, and i could feel his length straining against the towel.

he soon separated the kiss to pay more attention to my neck - he sucked harshly against my skin and i lifted my neck up more, letting moans helplessly escape my mouth.

"fuck," i cursed and gripped onto his dark hair.

"i'm gonna give you a pretty, little love bite babe, because you're mine," he groaned as his tongue soothed the irritated skin and he loosened his towel to let it fall at his feet.

i suddenly felt his erection pressing against me and without warning, jack lifted me higher to find my opening, then slowly, but forcefully thrusted into me.

my hands instantly clasped around his forearms and he began pumping in and out - increasing the pleasure at every stroke.

"j-jack" i choked out as his hips rhythmically met mine, and over the sound of our bodies colliding against the wall.

my nails dug into his tanned back and i could feel myself beginning to clench around him. "fuck, you're so tight" he groaned into my ear and his teeth latched his bottom lip, as his eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

"baby, are you close?" he said, with his large hands kneading and squeezing my ass.

i could feel my knees becoming weak by the second and the familiar knot forming in my lower abdomen.

"y-yes" i moaned out to answer as his thrusts sped up and sweat glistened on his abs.

"cum for me, babe." jack whispered in my ear. the raspiness of his tone sent chills down my spine - making me arch my back slightly and my orgasm to breach. jack's thrusts grew sloppier and he soon released inside me, both of us riding out from our euphoric high.

jack pulled out and continued to hold me up by my hips. our heads rested against one another's as our skin laced with sweat, our lips turned swollen and our breathing struggled to return back to normal.

i lazily pressed my lips onto his and he moved strands of my baby hairs away from my face. "i hate how hard you make it to stay mad at you," i spoke as i reached up to stroke the back of his neck, and he simply sniggered at my statement.

jack eventually settled me back down on the floor - i re-dressed into my panties and he secured his towel around him, before picking me up bridal-style and walking back upstairs to the master bedroom.


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