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jack's pov

"sammy, do you have any extra topics for the next article because i have a few, but i don't think they're any good?" i asked just as we stood outside my office door.

"yeah, i actually have a few on my computer" he said and i followed him to his office, just as the elevator rang - signalling that someone just came up.

i looked up from the papers in my hand and saw a dark-haired guy, around the same age as us all, wearing glasses and his hands nervously stuffed into his pockets.

"hey, who's that?" i asked sammy, while gesturing my head towards the guy.

"oh, that's dylan" nate said when him and johnson came over. "he works on the third floor. apparently him and savannah are dating" he answered and i couldn't help but clench my jaw at that exact moment.

"since-since when?" i questioned again.

"i don't know, but this is going to be their third date or something" sammy brushed off, and i watched savannah hurry up to dylan and happily kiss him on the lips.

"don't you guys think we should go over there, and like question him or something?" johnson nudged me.

"question him on what?" nate chuckled. "the man fixes computers, he's not a mass murderer".

"yeah, well, we never know" johnson said and didn't even hesitate to walk over to dylan and savannah. the guys and i eventually followed behind him, because i honestly wanted to know more about this guy that my best friend is supposedly dating too.

"hey, i'm jack johnson" he stuck his hand out for dylan to shake and he did so. "i'm savannah's friend, practically her brother".

"oh, uh, nice to meet you, jack" dylan scratched the back of his head as we all continued to stare him down.

"how long have you and savannah known each other?" i wondered with my arms folded.

"just over one month".

"and are you sure that you know each other well enough to date?" johnson added, then savannah groaned a loud before dylan could answer.

"ok, that's enough guys. we're going out for lunch now" she quickly spoke and dragged his arm towards the elevator. they entered the open doors and i smiled at her as they both stood there, hand in hand and waiting for the doors to close.

i'm with johnson to be honest. i don't care if he's just computer nerd, if he's dating savs, i need to find out more about him.


i came through the front door of my house and shut it behind me - completely exhausted from the day i just had. i stood in the hallway and the smell of the dinner that madison was cooking hung in the air, so i automatically followed it.

"hey" i said, putting my briefcase down and giving her a quick kiss as she stood mixing some sauce on the stove.

"hey, i didn't even hear you come in. how was your first day back at work?" madison asked.

"tiring. i had so much shit to catch up on, i felt like i was back in high school" i explained just as i towered over her, then grabbed a glass from the cupboard to pour myself some wine.

"aw, babe. i promise that this dinner will make everything better" she assured with a smile on her lips.

i chuckled then kissed her cheek, "thanks mads" i said, then started opening the mail that we received over the last few weeks.

the first one addressed to me was about a few extra payments that i still need to make for the wedding, the next few  were about getting insurance for a couple of things, and then the rest were about bills for the house.

"oh and by the way, i drove to kylie's house today after work and i was thinking of getting those new, gold rims for my car". madison leant against the island counter, waiting patiently for my input on her idea. "...what do you think?".

"uh, yeah. that would be cool" i nodded, still trying my best to focus on the letters.

now that i think about it, madison and i have been spending a whole lot of money lately, especially on things that we barely need. madison models, so she gets a few jobs here and there to pose for a certain clothing line or company. but the problem is, is that she's really quick the spend the earnings that she gets on shoes and bags or jewellery, when we should be saving that for stuff like bills and insurance.

i couldn't help but loosen up my tie as i read through the various letters again.

madison and i have lived in this huge house for over six months now, and it's all already stressing me out. yet i can't tell her because i don't want her to worry. i guess i'm just gonna have to work a few extra hours then.


this chapter was kind of boring, and it was only a little over 600 words. but i just tryna build up the story a little than rushing into the drama and sex and shit lmao.

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