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savannah's pov

i didn't come back into work after i left.

dylan took me back to his office and he tried to push me towards telling him exactly what was wrong, but i just felt like it wasn't the right time to bring up the fact that i'd been sleeping with jack.

especially since he'd probably realise that mine and jack's first encounter overlapped with our relationship.

so, we just spoke about how things were lately and how it was nice to catch up, and it surprised me how quick it was for me to stop thinking about jack in that very moment.

later on, i drove to andrea's house and explained to her what happened. i vented, i cried, and all she wanted to do was get a gun and go hunting for jack. but i instantly told her no, since i'm never usually aware of how literal my little sister can get.

finally, i drove my car back to mine and lauren's apartment - completely tired and exhausted from today's events.

i turned the key in the keyhole and entered the apartment; it was unlocked, so i was guessing that lauren was back already.

i just wonder how much or how little she knows right now.

"lauren, i'm back!" i called out as i struggled to kick off my heels while standing up. but when i did, i chucked them and my blazer in my room, then followed the continuous sound of a spoon clinking against a mug.

"hey," i said and sat down at the small wooden table in the middle of our kitchen.

lauren was standing over, what i guessed was a cup of coffee from the aroma in the air - while wearing sweatpants and with her black hair tied up in a ponytail.

"hey," she responded. "you left your, uh, bag at work, so i bought it back for you. it's in the living room".

"oh, thanks" i smiled and pulled my hands through my hair, as she casually turned around with her cup and leant against the counter - taking tiny sips.

"...i know everything, by the way" lauren mentioned.

i looked up at her. "what? did he tell you?".

"if by he, you mean jack, no. sammy did," she explained and i wasn't even angry. i mean, someone was bound to have to explain to them what had been going on with their best friends for the past few weeks. "i also know that you never went to andrea's house on the weekend".

"i did go to her house," i corrected. "just not straight away,".

lauren shook her head and came to sit down opposite me, "savannah, don't you remember when you told me about you and jack kissing, and then you agreed to not let it go any further than that?".

"i know, and i'm sorry," i told her. "but then we kissed again, and it just felt so right, and exciting, and it just reminded me of why i fell for him in the first place".

"and you've been sleeping with him since?".

"yeah, but none of it even matters anymore. i should of kept my word, because i fell in too deep and never even questioned if our relationship would ever become a reality" i shrugged, then lauren took a small sip.

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