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savannah's pov

i could feel the day light reflecting against my eye lids - the brightness penetrated through them and onto my eyes, just as i heard the sound of camera clicking beside me. my eyes flickered open as they tried to adjust to the daylight, and i woke up to jack standing over me.

"what are you doing?" i chuckled as i rubbed the sleep away from my eyes. "did you just take a picture of me?".

"uh, no..." he hesitantly answered as i sat up in the bed.

i ran my hand through my messy hair and gave him a look to signal that i knew he was lying, then he gave in and took his hands away from behind him - revealing his phone in his hands.

"okay, you caught me. but only because you look beautiful when you're sleeping" he told me and leant down to my level, allowing me to cup his face in my hands and give him a kiss.

once he pulled away, i groaned and looked up at him. "why are you up so early? come back to bed and keep me warm," i pouted.

"not today," jack rejected and made his way to the bedroom door. "i'm currently making breakfast, so come on" he quickly winked with a smile across his face, then turned around to leave the room.

i questionably wondered what he meant since jack can barely even make himself a sandwich, but i threw on one of his shirts any ways and got out of bed to follow him downstairs.

i walked into the kitchen and the smell of pancakes immediately waved around my nose. jack stood over the stove and i jumped up to sit on the counter with my legs dangling down.

"since when do you cook?" i laughed and took a bit out of one of the strawberries.

"ever since google decided to be my little helper today" jack smirked and i playfully shook my head at his words.

"you're adorable, you know that?" i chuckled as jack moved away from the stove and came to stand in between my legs.

"thanks for stating the obvious" he joked as his large, warm hands ran up and down my thighs until they snaked around my waist. "...i'm sorry about yesterday by the way".

i pushed my hair out of my face before resting my arms on his shoulders.

"no, don't apologise. i understand" i assured, before feeding him the last bite of the strawberry. "plus, you made it up to me pretty well".

i bit my lip and a smile grew on his face. he then pecked my lips and began to prepare me some pancakes with blueberries, strawberries and powdered sugar.


jack and i were sitting at the kitchen island, eating and talking until the doorbell suddenly rang. we both exchanged looks and he shrugged to show that he didn't know who it could be, then dusted his hands off to go and open the door.

"johnson, nate, sam!" jack called out. "what are you doing here?". he waved his hand around behind his back, which i assumed was a signal to go and hide. so i did, and hid in the study room downstairs.

"bro, we're here to hang out" i heard johnson say.

"apparently madison's gone to stay with her parents for the weekend, so we thought that you'd be lonely" sammy added and i cursed at myself, because i knew that it would be hard to get rid of them.

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