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jack's pov

i chucked my keys onto the table by the front door and pushed my hands through my hair - walking up the stairs.

my phone read, '5:45pm', so that gave me three hours and fifteen minutes until madison came home from her photoshoot.

i switched on the knob and stood under the shower head, letting the warm droplets fall on my body. i wiped my face down to clear the excessive water from my eyes, replaying what happened at work in my mind.

even though i invited savannah over here, in the back of my mind, i know that she won't turn up. when we were in college, she used to go on and on about how much she sticks to her morals and shit - so i have a feeling that that rule still stands today.

i mean, i know that it's wrong to go behind my wife's back like this, but ever since i kissed savannah last week, resistance has become extremely hard for me.

this great urge, and heated emotion has suddenly developed and it's slowly pushing me towards seeing her in the same way that i used to.


i secured a towel around my waist - water droplets still hanging on my shoulders, and went back into the bedroom to throw on some basketball shorts and a white tee.

on the walk downstairs, i checked my phone for any messages, but ended up unlocking it and going to the texts icon.

i scrolled down to find savannah's name and typed in, "the offer still stands". but i stopped and hovered my finger over the send key.

in all fairness, i just don't want her coming here to be a simple help to my satisfaction. it should be more of her actually feeling the exact same way as i do right now.

the doorbell rang as i happened to be paused in the hallway. i didn't hesitate to open it, and my eyes widened when i saw who was standing before me.


"i know i shouldn't be doing this, but for some reason, i just couldn't say no" was all she said, before she shut the door behind her and attached her lips to mine.

the haste movements shocked me for a while, until she carefully locked her arms around my neck.

the crave that reflected through our harsh kiss boosted my excitement, so i placed my hands on savannah's hips and hastily picked her up, letting her wrap her legs around my waist.

"i know you want me, as much i want you" i whispered as i began sucking against her neck. she let out a small moan with her hands clutched on the back of neck - pulling me in as close as possible.

"just shut up" she breathlessly spoke, and i picked her up bridal style to rush upstairs.

savannah's pov

jack was right. i did want him, i've wanted him for years. even though i hesitated on coming over here, like i said, i just couldn't say no.

once we reached the master bedroom, jack put me down on the bed and i lay propped up on my elbows, watching him pull off his shirt. he never broke eye contact with me and smirked at my tiny gulp from the sight of his toned torso.

he quickly rushed on top of my body and reconnected the intense kiss. it was eager, yet also so lustful and slow. our tongues danced together, and i felt my stomach fill with butterflies as his hands began unbuttoning my blouse once again.

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