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savannah's pov

after the bath had finished filling up and the bubbles were almost overflowing, i stripped down from all my clothing and wrapped a white towel around me. i opened the bathroom door again and saw jack lying on his bed, concentrating intensely on his laptop.

"did you really think that i was actually going to get in that bath without you?" i sniggered and he briefly looked away from the screen, his eyes soon widening at my towel-covered body.

"well? come on," i bit down on my bottom lip and jack quickly shut the laptop to undress while hurrying towards me.

as we both entered the bath, the warm water encompassed my body and i satisfyingly breathed since this was exactly what i needed.

"hey, remember the last time that we did this?" jack said.

i rested my arms across the rim of the bath on either side of me, "how could i forget? i told you that i loved you and you blanked out".

jack awkwardly scratched his head, "okay well before that, with the whole twenty-one questions thing".

"yeah, i remember" i nodded. "and no, i'm not about to play it again with you, because that game always leads to an answer that should have been left unsaid".

jack slightly held his hands up, surrendering from a further debate as i ran my fingers across the bubbles in front of me.

a few seconds later, i fell deep into my thoughts - thinking about the past, now and our future.

"i don't want to be in london forever" i began.


"in london," i emphasised. "i realised that maybe working in london will be a temporary thing, and i could try and get the same job here in la in a year or so".

he focused his eyes on me and titled his head to the side a little, "when did you think about all of this?"

"at dinner before you came home. plus, we'd rather our kids grow up where we grew up, am i wrong?".

i watched a smile grow widely across jack's face, until he trapped his lips in his mouth to stop it from extending.

"you think about stuff like that?" he asked. "us having kids?".

"well as embarrassing as this may sound; the fantasy was technically already in my head during high school".

"what? when you had a crush on me?" he cockily raised his brow, but i gave him a stern look.

"i told you that we weren't going back to the twenty one questions, jack".

"i know, i know, sorry" he apologised with a smirk still on the corner of his lips. "so, what would our kids names be exactly?".

i sat up a little straighter and squinted my eye to think back to all those years ago.

"for a girl, i was once set on madison. but then you met actual madison in college and that dream disappeared - no offence. so, i switched to mia and for a boy, i was thinking ethan ".

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