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savannah's pov

"and then you've just got to make sure that you email it to him when you're done" sammy explained while leaning over me and pointing at my computer screen.

"so, is that all i have to do?" i questioned.

"yep, but also make sure that—".

", i am listening to you madison. you're just not fucking listening to me!".

sammy and i exchanged looks as we could hear jack outraging on the phone from across the hall.

"what's going on?" i asked.

he sighed and scratched the back of his neck, "i don't even know. it just seems like jack and madison have been arguing a lot lately, almost everyday".

"everyday?" i repeated, since i barely even noticed any of it.

"yeah, it's like they yell at each other through the phone then like a few hours later, he's happy again. but the cycle just continues the next day".

i sat back in my desk chair, thinking quietly about what sammy said. now that i think about it, jack does come to my office looking quite pissed off. but then we make out and shit, and he's fine again.

"did they argue yesterday?" i asked again as sammy began picking up a few papers from my desk.

"yep, why?".

"how about the day before?" i asked once again - completely ignoring his query and trying to figure out if jack and i sneaking around is just a result of him and madison fighting.

"yeah, the day before too. why do you care any ways?" sammy lightly chuckled and paused at the door.

i shook my head. "i'm just wondering, that's all" i said with a fake smile. sammy nodded his head at my response, obviously not seeing through it, before leaving my office.


i had just emailed my article to the editor, and i was now sitting at my desk, biting my pen and going into my own thoughts.

what sammy told me earlier has been bugging me for the past hour.

i could feel my heart skipping multiple beats as i thought about jack only seeing me as a fucking side bitch, that he can come to whenever he argues with his wife. i could just be jumping to conclusions but i mean, i should of known. he's always been crazy about madison, he made that pretty clear on the day of the wedding and the day after we kissed.

but if it's true, that's fucked up because he has no idea how many emotions i've gained throughout these past few days. the sort of emotions that i can't just drop and forget about.

i heard a light knock on my office door, snapping me out of my thoughts. i went back to organising and gathering up my work, and i glanced up to see jack coming in with a smile on his face.

i was about to smile back until i realised that he'd just argued on the phone with madison.

"hey" jack said.

"hey" i blankly replied, just as i began placing my work into folders. i would usually get up and cover him in kisses, but not today.

the air filled with silence until jack spoke again, "have i done something wrong?" he slightly chuckled and i briefly looked up, seeing him place his hands into his pockets.

"nope," i said, trying my best to focus on anything but him.

"well, is there something else wrong?".

"no, i'm just busy" i lied, moving my hair over my shoulder.

"well, you weren't busy all those other days" he mentioned.

"well that's because today's a fucking different day, jack" i put down my work and looked up at him. "i can't keep dropping everything just to make out with you, after your dramatic fights with your wife. we both have jobs if you've completely forgotten".

his eyes enlarged at my little rant. i sighed at his expression and pushed my hair back - hesitantly walking around my desk to stand before him.

"what's going on?" jack questioned. his dark eyes sympathetically stared at me, making it hard for me to stay mad.

"every time you argue with madison, you come here and we kiss or whatever, and then you leave, and then i'm just expected to keep it all a secret" i leant against my desk and watched him playfully rolled his eyes at me - rubbing his chin and chuckling at my words.

"do you seriously think that that's the way we work?" he asked. "like you're some booty call?".

"well, yes...sometimes".

"savannah, that's ridiculous. no offence but if i wanted a quick booty call, i'd probably hit up one of those ladies on the first floor" he laughed, and i folded my arms across my chest - trying my best to laugh too. "but that's not what i want, you mean much more to me. you should know that by now".

jack walked a little closer and broke apart my folded arms by taking hold of my hand.

"but the things is, i don't know that" i admitted, lightly stroking his hand with my thumb.

"okay, well i can prove it to you..." he suddenly said, and leant in to place a single kiss on the spot between my neck and shoulder. "...because i have an idea".

i bit my lip as i locked my arms around his neck, "can i at least know what the idea is?".

"it's more of a surprise, than an idea" he sensually spoke with his eyes focused on my lips. i smiled at his response before connecting my lips to his.

his arms soon snaked around my waist and the potency of the kiss caused me to start pulling him in as close as possible, and my tongue to glide across his bottom lip.

it's more of a surprise, than an idea; my head kept replaying his words over and over again. our lips were still attached and i wondered what jack actually had planned. he said that it would prove how much i mean to him, but there's at least ten things that i can imagine him doing.

he eventually sat me up onto my desk and started trailing his lips away from mine, then to jaw and down to my neck - gentle moans escaping from my mouth.

"savannah, have you seen ja-". my eyes hastily diverted to the door, as sammy stood there with his eyes shocked at the scene before him. jack quickly moved away from me and i began fixing myself up - both us struggling to find a way to explain.


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