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jack's pov

i was reading through some work on my desk, but considering my recent issue of insomnia at night, i was struggling to stay awake and actually pay attention to what i was looking at.

my office door suddenly burst open, causing me to sit up quickly in my seat. "gilinsky, did you get those numbers sorted out for me?" my boss, mr montgomery said, but we all call him mr. m.

i furrowed my brows and yawned, "numbers? what numbers?".

"from the stock market?". i continued to stare at him questionably. "i specifically told you that i needed them by the morning".

i straightened up my tie and started typing on my computer, "i'm sorry, i'll get them done now".

"did you not hear me?" he began to raise his voice. "i said by the morning, the morning's almost over! what has gotten into you, this week? this isn't the first time that you've been slacking on your work".

i sighed and pulled my hands down my face, "i've just have a lot of stuff going on back home".

"well if it's stuff back home, you leave it there," mr. m sternly spoke. "this is your last warning, gilinsky. you either get your act together, or you're fired".

my boss finalised with his finger pointed straight at me.

"yes, sir" i cleared my throat, until he opened the door again and left with an unimpressed expression on his face.

before the door could close completely, nate held it open as he came in with sammy and johnson following behind.

"woah, mr.m does not look happy" nate winced.

"guys, i don't know what to do" i complained. "my mind is elsewhere, i'm not following boss' orders..."

"you know what you need?" johnson began and walked around my desk to pat my back. "a guys night out".

"yes!" nate and sammy cheered.

"no" i bluntly said straight after.

"what? why not?" sammy stuffed his hands in his pockets. "it's friday and you stay late at the office almost everyday".

"it'll be just like the old times in college," johnson pictured for me with one arm over my shoulder. "parties every weekend, girls every weekend".

i removed his arm and looked up at him, "well, you seemed to have forgotten that we're not frat boys anymore".

"so what? you need to stop moping around over girls, and be happy that you're single once again" nate added.

"dude, it's a little hard to do that when savannah and dylan are rubbing their relationship in my face" i mumbled and firmly sat back in my seat.

"okay, this is not how you're going to live the rest of your life, man," sammy told me and he leant forward, with both arms supporting him on my desk. "we're gonna go to a club, you are going to have a good fuck, then you'll be thanking every one of us on saturday morning".

i stared at each of my friends and struggled to decide on whether having a guys night would be great idea, or whether going to a club, just to get laid would be a really stupid one.

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