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savannah's pov

time seems to move slower if you keep checking your lock screen every few seconds, expecting a text message or call to suddenly to appear.

i decided to stop reaching over for my phone on the bedside table, and got comfortable inside the bed sheets instead. i had my back to the door and faced the windows, staring at the nightlight shining through the closed curtains.

eventually, i shut my eyes and thought that falling asleep could somehow allow time to hurry up, and i wouldn't be as mad at jack when he finally comes back.


my eyes fluttered open as i felt the bed dip from a weight behind me. a muscular arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer towards them.

"hey," jack's deep voice breathed by my ear. "are you awake?".

"no" i answered and tried to close my eyes again.

"well, you obviously are because you just spoke to me".

"but i'm angry at you for taking so long, so i'm just going to stick with being asleep" i finalised and jack sighed, as he removed his arm from my waist.

the room remained silent, except for the sound of jack breathing heavily behind me.

even with my back to him, i knew that he had his hands clasped underneath his head on the pillow, and was mindlessly staring up at the ceiling.

i gazed back at the illuminated curtains, before i could only hear jack shuffling continuously on the bed.

"hey," he whispered, but i didn't respond.

"babe," jack spoke again, though i continued to keep quiet. "savs" he added and this time, poked my shoulder with his finger.

"yes jack?" i finally gave in.

"wake up and talk to me - i can't sleep" he said and i turned around in the bed to face him, propping myself up on my elbow.

"oh, i'm sorry. i didn't know that you were five?" i sniggered and he sat up on his elbow too.

"internally, yes. externally, no" he mocked and i rolled my eyes.

as his words drifted off, he tilted his head a little and stared at me, "...hey, stop being annoyed at me. i don't like it".

i exhaled and lay my head back down on the pillow - looking up at the white ceiling.

"how come you took almost three hours? i mean, call me the crazy girlfriend, but i was just worried and you didn't call".

jack reached his hand over to mine and locked our fingers together.

"you're not crazy," he chuckled. "i'm sorry that i took long, but it was worth it because i'm done with madison. for good".

my head turned to face him slightly, with my brows raised with shock, "why? what happened?".

"nothing important" he assured me. "but, just know that i'll never get out of a hot bath with you, just for someone like her ever again".

i smiled and moved over onto my side - letting go of his hand to trace imaginary drawings over his shirtless torso.

"can you believe that at this exact time in two days, we'll be lying in an apartment in london?" i reminded him. "it'll overlook the london eye, big ben, the river thames...".

jack sighed so deeply, that i felt every movement against my finger on his chest , "i know, it all still seems so surreal".

"same here...and i know i said yes to dylan before, but i really can't imagine anyone else that i'd rather experience it with".

i looked up at him and he held onto my face - stroking his warm thumb against my cheek, before bringing his head closer to kiss me softly.

"you make it incredibly hard to not want to kiss you all night long" jack whispered and i gently moistened my lips.

"usually, i would say that the pleasure is yours, but we've got to be up early to finish packing your stuff to send them off".

i patted his chest and moved back onto my own space in the bed, as jack groaned once i moved away from him.

"fine, fine" he said, as he began to get comfortable in the bed too.

"but this only counts for tonight though, tomorrow night's completely unbooked".

i giggled at jack's smile of relief as we faced one another - a close proximity to each other's faces, before i gazed deeply at his facial features that i could still see in the dark.

"i love you" i said.

"i know" he answered and i furrowed my brows at him.

"aren't you going to say it back?".

"something so obvious doesn't need saying" he winked and i playfully rolled my eyes, knowing that he must of read that somewhere and has been dying to use it for days.

as the conversation died down, i was aching to say something before he fell asleep.

"...hey, can you promise me something?" i wondered and he nodded his head, as my heart rate began to speed up.

"that if at some point, this or us starts to go down hill after we move, we'll just at least try to figure it out before we even think about ending things".

"of course" he assured me.

"because i'm sorry that i gave up on us, when you never did".

"babe, savannah, it's okay" jack lightly chuckled, as he gently soothed my hair down and was oblivious to the tears forming in my eyes.

"it's okay, because i know that no matter what happens, we're going to be together".

his confidence thankfully calmed me down and i nodded my head, before grabbing onto the hand that was still soothing down my hair.

i tightly locked our fingers together, enclosing the warmth between them both and knowing that if i could, i would seriously never let go.


and that was officially the last chapter of affair. omg i'm so emotional rn because i've been writing this since the end of august last year and all of the reads, comments and votes are amazing and i love you all :-)

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