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savannah's pov

monday morning came by really quickly. i walked out of the elevator when it reached our work floor, and texted lauren that i'd arrived and where she was.

instead of going to say hi to people, i went straight to my office, unlocked the door and shut it behind me before taking a deep breathe. i leant against the door for a few seconds, then settled my bag and phone on my desk.

when i sat down in my chair, i began thinking about my weekend.

after i vented to andrea on saturday, she did her best to help me forget about my problems by burning my liver with bottles of alcohol.

the first half of sunday, we sobered up, stayed in doors all day and typically, watched netflix and ate endless junk food.

then the second half, i was trying my best to figure out what i was going to say to jack today, and i just hope i made the right decision.

a knock on the door interrupted my peace and quiet. i was on the verge of telling them that i was busy, or to simply go away, but my conscience was telling me that a conversation would helpfully distract me from my thoughts.

well, that is if it's not jack himself, because i'm just not ready to see him right now.

"come in," i called out and sammy thankfully entered through the door. i sighed and sat up properly in my chair, "i'm so glad it's you,".

"really? why?" he asked as he sat himself down on the seat opposite me.

"i just need a distraction. jack and i spoke on the phone the other day and-". i didn't continue when the door suddenly opened and jack slipped inside the room - giving me a brief smile.

my body tensed up and i crossed my right leg over the other, as i tried to ease up a little at his presence. a silence fell upon us all - jack cleared his throat, sammy scratched the back of his neck and i tapped my pen against my notepad.

"okay, i'm feeling a lot of tension in this room, so i'm just going to, uh, step outside and leave you guys to it". sammy stood from the seat and patted jack's shoulder before he opened the door and left my office.

"...good morning" jack said as he placed his hands inside his trouser pockets.

"morning" i said back then came around my desk to stand before him. "how was the rest of your weekend?".

"it was good, i guess," he answered. "...i was just thinking about you the whole time".

he gradually walked closer towards me, his footsteps sliding across the carpet and his eyes never leaving mine until i looked away.

"about that phone call," jack began. "you said that you needed time to decide and i was just wondering if you made a decision".

i nodded my head, "i did".

i then placed my hand on his cheek, as his stubble tickled onto my fingers. i rubbed against his skin with my thumb, and my gesture bought a small smile to his face, before i leant in and attached my lips to his.

the kiss passionately moved together, as jack's hands slid down to rest against my hips. i connected my arms around his neck and pulled him in as close as possible, so that i could feel every inch of his lips.

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