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savannah's pov

my chest immediately began to well up after madison spoke. i settled down the bag of groceries as i tried to figure out what to say next, or how to react.

but she can't possibly know because she would of attacked me as soon as she laid her eyes on me.

"what are you talking about?" i managed to say and walked closer towards her.

"he's been working late hours almost everyday, he never stops texting on his phone and plus, he hasn't bought me any gifts like he used to," she complained.

i couldn't help but roll my eyes at her last example, as i realised that she was just shedding crocodile tears.

"and i know that he's buying jewellery for someone because i saw it in his bank statements" she admitted.

"wait, you read jack's bank statements?" i questioned and she casually nodded her head to respond.

"haven't you ever heard of privacy?" i spoke underneath my breathe and folded my arms across my chest.

"but i mean, you work together. are there any girls that try to flirt with him?". before i could try and give madison an answer, she suddenly gasped with realisation.

"i bet it's that bitch lauren!" she suggested with envy in her eyes. "she thinks she's so irresistible with her dark hair and green eyes. but if she even thinks that she's gonna try and steal jack away from-".

"woah, there is nothing going on between my best friend and jack" i immediately defended. "one, she's not a bitch and two, jack probably wouldn't go looking at other women if you didn't treat him like a walking atm machine!".

at this point, i didn't care anymore.

it just annoys me how jack can be with someone like her. someone who sees him just for his money and his looks when i'm here, loving him every second of every day, and i'm still practically classed as second best.

"excuse me?" she stood up and placed her hand on her hip. "jack buys me shit because he loves me. being jealous isn't cute, honey".

"jealous?" i choked out a laugh. "you think that i'm jealous? of what you and jack have? please, you'd be nothing without his money"

i continued to snigger at her as she screwed her eyes at me. but i also silently congratulated myself for not blurting out the fact that i've been sleeping with her husband more than she has. although i knew very well that jack would never forgive me if i did, because i know that he still loves madison - despite her personality and my feelings for him.

i wasted no more time standing in front of madison since my last words kept her completely silent.

just as i was about to dramatically leave the house, the front door opened.

"savann-...madison! babe, hey" jack quickly saved and shut the door behind him. his eyes observed madison's ruined make-up, then me, and then the stare down that madison and i went back to having.

"...what's going on?" he nervously chuckled.

"i was just dropping off the groceries that you told me to buy for that surprise dinner for madison," i explained to him and he questionably stared at me before playing along.

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