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savannah's pov

once jack left the house, i quickly shut the door behind him and leant my head against it for while.

i took deep breathes to slow down my crying, then thought about whether i did, or said the right thing.

i heard the car ignition start, and i began to open the door again, because i wanted to chase after him, and tell him that i made a mistake. but i knew that wouldn't be the right thing to do, and everything would just be left unsolved.

as soon, as i moved away from the door, a pair of keys unlocked it and in came my mom and dad.

i quickly wiped my eyes, "mom, dad? i thought you were on the plane?".

"we caught an earlier flight" dad answered as i helped him drag in a suitcase. "was that jack that i just saw pull out of our driveway?".

my parents obviously don't know about jack and i, and i'd like to keep it that away since they'd probably dis-own me for being a mistress.

"um yeah, he just stopped by to give me some paperwork" i brushed off.

"aw, i haven't see him since the wedding. how are things between him and madison?" my mom asked, and i helplessly gulped at the question.

"how would i know?" i almost inaudibly said.

"well, aren't you two friends?" she wondered.

i shrugged at her answer, "i've always been closer to johnson any ways".

"wasn't jack gilinsky your first kiss?" my mom continued, and my eyes widened at her knowledge of my personal life.


"he was?" dad gave me a protective look, then i placed my hands on my head at the uncomfortable topic.

"can we just stop talking about him, please?".

"wait sweetheart, have you been crying?" mom came closer to me and looked directly at my eyes.

i laughed at her words, and tried my best to find a lie, "andrea and i just watched my sister's keeper, and you know how that always sets me off".

"ah well, i think it's time you girls went to bed" she ordered.

"mom, we're not 10 anymore".

"don't remind me," my dad added and i playfully shook my head at him.

"ten or twenty three, you still need some sleep. now, go" i gave her a peck on the cheek, then she twisted me around, so i'd walk upstairs.

i reached my old room, and pulled open the covers, so that i could get in. i was about to switch off the bedside lamp, but my phone vibrated on the nightstand.

i looked at my screen, and a lump grew in my throat at the three texts;


what do i have to do to make this right?

please don't ignore me

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