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savannah's pov

i came out of the elevator, and held my phone in between my ear and shoulder as i searched for the keys to my office.

"i just arrived, but i'll meet you for lunch..." i explained to dylan. "...yes, i do miss you already" i chuckled, before my eyes darted to madison, leaving jack's office.

i could no longer focus on my phone conversation, because my mind just scanned through the various possibilities of her visiting jack at work.

"...uh, yeah, i'm still here" i said, after i snapped out of my thoughts. "okay, i'll see you later, i love you too, bye".

i hung up the phone, and continued to watch madison walking towards the elevator, without acknowledging me. she didn't look angry, or upset, so i'm guessing that jack didn't shout at her.

but then again, she looks satisfied...or maybe i'm just overreacting, and analysing a situation that doesn't really concern me anymore.

i unlocked my office and put my bag on the floor, before logging into the computer to check my emails.

i haven't told anyone expect lauren this, but ever since my date with dylan a few weeks ago, i've been looking for some other job offers. overnight, i realised that i didn't want to be working here forever, so i went ahead and filled out four applications.

three fashion companies; marc jacobs, chanel and elle magazine have already gotten back to me with the whole "i'm sorry" email, which means that i only have one more left to go.

i closed my eyes and prayed silently in my head for good news, before i opened them again and clicked the inbox icon. two emails down from the top, was a response from vogue magazine. i clicked the message and my heart immediately skipped a beat, when the first line didn't read; i'm sorry, but instead read, congratulations.

i continued to read the email, as it explained how i successfully passed the application, and how they would love for me to come down to their offices tomorrow, for an interview.

i took out my phone, and immediately texted lauren to come to my office asap, and in the next minute or two, she did.

"you used about ten exclamation marks in that text message," she mentioned as she shut the door behind her. "what's the big news?"

"come and check out this email," i happily spoke, and gestured for her to come around to my computer and read.

i watched lauren's eyes widen, the further she read down the page, "oh my god, you're going to work for fucking vogue magazine!" lauren squealed and hugged me tightly.

"i'm so proud of you!" she added.

"hey, i haven't got the job yet" i chuckled, then pointed back at the email. "see, i have an interview tomorrow at 2, at their l.a offices".

"right, i'm taking you and picking you up" lauren quickly mentioned. "i want to be there before and after everything happens".

"okay, but don't tell anyone until i actually get the job" i warned her.

i mean, i'm not really the type to enjoy others making a huge fuss over me. so, i'd rather come to my friends and family with good news, than good news that could potentially turn into bad news.

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