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savannah's pov

rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, i walked out through my bedroom door and took a moment to pause and think about last night.

i stared over my shoulder at jack's head peacefully buried in one of my pillows as the bed sheet sat on his waist, showing off his muscular back. i smiled helplessly, quickly reminding myself that i did the right thing since tiny doubts were begin to wash over my mind.

as i began to close the door, my nose scrunched up at the smell of food waving around in the air. i followed the scent, with jack's shirt still draped over my body, and finally saw the cause; lauren stood over the stove in the kitchen with a spatula in her hand, and turned at the sound of my footsteps.

"hey, i can see that you got through a whole lot of packing last night" she smiled, but my attention was mainly focused on the omelettes she was preparing.

"yeah, i did. a lot happened last night actually" i began, before i felt a pair of hands attach to my waist. jack gave me a smile and tried to share a passionate good-morning kiss, although i resulted into a quick peck due to lauren watching our every move.

she stared blankly at the both of us - opening and closing her mouth to find her next words, but i awkwardly stared back and allowed her to take her time.

"am-am i missing something?" she finally spoke, but i still resulted into simply smiling at her as she pointed the spatula at me. "you, have a lot of explaining to do".

"good morning to you too, lauren" jack said to her just as he turned my body to face him. "babe, i'm going to start heading home now".

"aw, please stay for breakfast at least" i dropped my bottom lip and he chuckled, then used his thumb to gently bring it back up.

"i would because it looks delicious, but i have work," he explained and kissed the top of my head. "but we can talk about everything later?".

i smiled and nodded my head, "okay, i'll come over".

"great" he cupped my head with his hands and placed a kiss on my lips, while emphasising the noise, before leaving the kitchen to go and get dressed.

"come on, grab some breakfast and start from the top" lauren gestured and i took a small sigh, since i knew that this was going to be a long story.


i bought the rim of the glass to my lips to take a sip of my orange juice, as i'd just finished explaining everything to lauren.

"wow, are you sure?" she questioned for probably the fourth time. "i mean, you and dylan seemed pretty genuine to me".

i huffed and scratched my head lightly, "i know, that's exactly what i thought. but when i kissed jack last night, the way i felt was crazy. it just made me realise that i never stopped loving him".

"and where does that leave your feelings for dylan?".

i finished up the last bite of my food and tried to chew it as fast as i could before speaking again, "i love him, i care about him, but the way i do is completely different with jack, and i just think this way is what's right for me".

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