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savannah's pov

"i seriously forgot how amazing the sushi here was," i said as i sat across the table from jack and jack, with my mouth a little full.

"i told you this place was still good, i remember when we came here for your fifteenth birthday" johnson mentioned. "and g here, ended the night by puking everywhere" he added and we both laughed at the memory.

"that was only because it was my first time trying it guys, give me break" jack defended, but johnson and i continued chuckling at him.

"okay, fine. let's talk about you and your married life, feel like i haven't asked you that in a while" johnson asked. jack glanced at me straight after the question, but i promptly turned away, clearing my throat a little.

"it's fine, i guess, there's not really much to say" he awkwardly chuckled.

i stared down at the food on my plate, to distract the tense feeling that i was suddenly gaining.

"not much to say?" johnson repeated and patted jack's back. "about a month ago, you wouldn't even shut up about marriage".

"yeah, well things change" jack responded, glancing at me once again.

"how about you, savannah?". my head shot up at johnson's question, since i was slyly hoping that he wouldn't ask me anything related to this topic.

"what do you mean?" i smirked as i moved my long hair behind my shoulders.

"i mean, i know that you just broke up with dylan. but i know plenty of guys who would be perfect for you" he said, and even though i was looking down at my food again, i could feel jack's eyes focused on me.

"that's sweet, jack, but i don't-"

"okay, maybe you're not ready for a relationship, but there's no rule against hooking up? what about matt or calum or shawn?".

i subtly exhaled as johnson continued to speak, jack continued to give me these vague looks, and i continued to feel uncomfortable as fuck.

"come on, man. savs isn't ready for any of that" jack suddenly spoke up. "right?" he asked me and i nodded my head, yet shrugged my shoulders too.

i was just trying to figure out if he defended me because he see us as a relationship, or simply because he was just jealous.


after we'd finished eating, johnson went outside to go and get the car from valet, while jack and i said that we'd take care of the cheque.

"that'll be sixty dollar please," the waitress said as she handed us the receipt. i was about to give my credit card to her until jack stopped me, and gave her his instead.

"wow gilinsky, don't you get tired of paying for things? you know with being married to madison and all?" i smirked as i put on my jacket.

"ha-ha, very funny" he playfully rolled his eyes at me and stood up after paying for everyone's dinner.

"thank you. have a good evening," the waitress kindly said and we smiled at her before making our way through the restaurant to leave.

"oh and by the way, you're cute when you're jealous" i paused at the doors and spoke.

"i was not jealous" he instantly protected. "i just saw how uncomfortable you were and came to the rescue".

"aw, my knight and shining armour" i mockingly said. jack shook his head and chuckled at me, and we walked outside to johnson waiting in his car.


jack's pov

i was sat in the backseat of the car with johnson driving and savannah in the passenger seat.

while i was searching through my phone, a text notification appeared at the top from savannah. i opened the message and it read;

from savannah: we've had no alone time today :(

to savannah: i know, but this weekend will be just us ;)

from savannah: what do you mean?

to savannah: madison's going to her parents' house for the weekend, so the house will be empty until monday.

you can say no if you want, maybe i'm going too fast...

from savannah: no, i'm up for it. just you and me for three nights sounds good :)

to savannah: wait, what about lauren? what are you going to tell her?

from savannah: that i'm staying at my sister's house or something, she won't suspect anything.

to savannah: good ;)

i responded and locked my phone when savannah didn't reply after that.


when johnson dropped me home, i came through the door and could hear the tv on in the living room. i tried my best to shut the door quietly, because i honestly just wanted to get in bed and sleep.

"jack? babe, is that you?" i heard madison say.

"uh, yeah. it's me". despite being tired, i went into the living room any ways and saw madison seated on the couch.

i sat beside her and she tried snuggling up closer to me. "so, how was dinner with johnson and savannah?".

"great, it was nice to catch up with them" i said and stretched my arm over the top of the couch.

"good. okay, so you know how i was going to visit my parents tomorrow?" madison began. "i've decided not to, they're just way too much handle".

"no!" i accidentally yelled. "...i mean, you should go babe. as much as i want you here, they're your parents and you haven't seen them since the wedding. plus, they're probably dying to hear about greece," i added.

she sat up properly and hesitated at my words. "i don't know..."

"it'll be good for you to see them, and your brother too" i continued to push, and prayed silently that i would convince her.

she sighed and giggled at me, "ok fine i'll go, but only until monday morning, because i'll miss you too much".

madison gave me a quick kiss, then jumped out of the couch - i presumed to go pack.

i exhaled with relief, took my phone out of my pocket and texted savannah; 'can't wait for tomorrow x' before following madison upstairs to have a shower.


i can't wait to write the next chapter and for you guys to read it bc it'll be hella cute and long :)

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