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jack's pov

i felt quite relieved when we came into the club, although the air become extremely humid as the music vibrated the floor beneath us.

i could feel my adrenaline rushing the closer, we came to the one thing that will get my mind off all the crazy shit that's been happening lately. alcohol.

a tall bartender stood behind the bar with his shirt sleeves rolled up, and rubbed his stubbly chin as he came towards us, "what can i get you guys?".

sammy reached into his back pocket to pull out his wallet and answered, "four rum and cokes, please".

"uh, actually, i'll have a couple of vodka shots instead" i interrupted, and could instantly see the proud looks on the guys' faces.

"four rum and cokes and a couple of vodka shots, got it," the bartender repeated one last time, before going to get the drinks.

"woah, check out gilinsky letting loose tonight" nate proudly announced over the music.

i shrugged, "you were right. fuck, moping around. these nights don't come often, so i might as well make the most of it".

"good on you, bro. now, come on, once we get our drinks, we're gonna go talk to those girls, who keep checking us out," nate fixed himself up, before turning around to nod at three girls, who were wearing very little clothing, and were sitting near the far back.

"um, i don't think that's a very good idea" johnson quickly mentioned.

i stared at him questionably, "why not?".

"because savannah and dylan are over there" he added, and the rest of us looking in that direction and saw exactly, savannah, dylan, lauren and some other guy, that i heard is lauren's new boyfriend or something.

"bro, we can go some place else if you like" sammy told me, as our drinks finally arrived.

"no, no, it's fine" i assured him. "you guys go over to those girls, and get talking. i'm just gonna finish these shots and i'll meet you there," i explained and placed myself down on one of the stools, next to the bar.

the guys left, and i grabbed one out of the four shot glasses lined up in front of me, and instantly downed the whole thing. i swivelled around on the chair and watched the large crowd moving around before me.

the toxins from the drink began to burn against my throat and a sudden rush ran through me, but i had to get used to it, because this was just the beginning.


i had enough of the shots by the end my sixth one, and resulted into buying myself a martini after all. i looked over at the back, and saw sammy making out with one the girls, johnson had one of them on his lap, and nate had disappeared, but then again, so did the other girl.

my attention soon focused on the seats that were a few away from the guys - savannah was sitting really close to dylan, as he whispered things into her ear and she giggled every time he did so. she was happy, she was smiling, she was doing all those things, without me.

i kept my eyes on them as i took a swing at the last drop of my drink, and loudly placed the glass back on the table. "hey! bartender! a-another one please?" i waved my arm at him, while my vision began to blur.

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