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savannah's pov

"hey, so how did it go?" lauren smiled as i got into the front seat of her car.

"it was good," i nodded. "the interviewer loved me".

"so, did you get the job?" she asked, while pulling out of the carpark.

i scratched the back of my head, "they said that they would get back to me" i brushed off.

"oh. well, i'm sure that you'll get it" she glanced away from the road and smiled at me. "can you just imagine if i apply for a job at vogue too - we'd be going to fashion shows almost every month".

"yeah," i lightly chuckled. "that would be great...".

you need to tell her; was the only thing circling through my mind, and i knew that my conscience was right.

"okay, i need to stop by walmart quickly, maybe you could get us some starbucks and i'll meet you back at the car?" lauren explained to me, as she turned off the engine in the walmart carpark.

i cleared my throat, "actually, before we do, i need to talk to you about something".


"and you've got to promise me that you won't cry, or else i'll cry too" i added, and lauren chuckled.

"come on savannah, it's me. when it comes to crying, i can't promise anything" she smirked, and i slowly exhaled, before speaking again.

"okay, well you know how i told you that the job was still pending?".

she nodded her head. "well, i lied. i, uh, actually got the job" i started smiling and lauren's face began to grow into a smile as well.

"oh my g-"

"wait," i quickly cut her off. "i got the job, without knowing that it's not stationed in la".

she looked at me questionably, "oh, then where? san francisco, san diego...".

"" i corrected.

her excited expression changed, and her eyes briefly grew bigger, "what? that's...that's crazy".

i sighed, "i know, lo".

"so, the once in a lifetime vogue magazine in london?" lauren repeated to me, and i nodded to answer. "are you going to take it?".

"they gave me five days to decide, because i leave in twelve days" i explained, and she lightly covered her mouth as tears began forming in her eyes.

"twelve days?" she repeated again. "wow, that's...that's, uh, quick".

"i know..." i quietly agreed, and looked up at the roof of the car, since i could feel myself on the verge of crying too.

"see," lauren smirked and dabbed at her mascara. "i told you that i couldn't promise anything".

"and i told you that i'd start crying too" i said, and wiped my eyes.

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