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atlanta georgia

previously on imperfect, pulling out the store parking lot tay pulled off. stopping at the light he looked back at numani.

"you know i'm tryna do right by you."

all she did was laugh. she did not believe him one bit.

"you laughing but i'm dead ass." he shook his head.

"i hear you-"

out of nowhere bullets came through the car, from both sides. numani immediately guarded tiara. she started crying of course, the loudest she ever cried.

"numani." tay muttered out. she couldn't even speak, looking down at her stomach blood was coming out.

"what the fuck." she mumbled.

"i love you bra." she heard him say.


"numani kelly. can you tell me what's going on?" nunu mama walked in the hospital, going to the front.

"can i see your id ma'am?" she asked. nunu mama went in her purse then pulled it out, handing it to her.

"thank you." the lady said once she looked over it.

"one second." the lady spoke. she went to typing on the computer before she said something.

"she's in surgery at the moment, as well as the male that was with her taymari taylor." she told her.

"and what about the baby?" she asked. "i will call and tell them to bring her up."

"what happened?" tay rushed up beside her with coco. "i don't know, numani and tau is in surgery, they're suppose to be bringing her." nunu mama said.

( A/N i forgot their names to be real so that's what y'all gonna hear. nunu mama, tay mama, nunu daddy lol. )

"here she goes." they brung tiara up to them. "thank you so much. could you tell me how long it would be until they get out of surgery?" tay mom asked.

"i will have the doctors come speak with you."

they went to sit down in the waiting room.

"cannot believe this shit." tay mama spoke shaking her head. "me either." nunu mama spoke.

"little baby." tay mama said as she grabbed tiara out her car seat.

i'm about to give the parents a new name so yeah.

"know she was crying up a storm." nunu mama, alyssa chuckled. "know it." tay mama, brittney.

nunu dad, walt came in with all of the girls and boys.

"aye though, wassup? what's going on?" khalan asked. "im pretty sure that shit on the news already." brittney rolled her eyes.

"the only thing we know at the moment is that they're in surgery."

"mhm." kay nodded slowly. "she was in the car with them?" nani asked pointing at tiara.

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