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"Lemme see yo phone Dre." I held my hand out.

"Why nigga? You might see some shit youn want to." He laughed.

"I'm tryna call Numani." I said.

"What? She blocked you?" He laughed throwing it at me. "I had my fucking hand out for a reason." I said going to his call log.

"I know." He shrugged. I put her number in and waited for her to answer. "What do you want?" She asked as she answered the phone.

"Bitch why you block me?" I stood up walking outside.

"Oh my God. Why would you call me off his phone?" She laughed. "You think this shit funny?" I tilted my head.

"Yes I do."

"Where you at?" I asked as I pulled up my pants.

"None of your fucking business. That's the problem." She said. "You at home?" I asked.

"Whyyyyyy? If you come to my shit i'm not going to open the door." She said. I hung up and went back in.

I threw his phone at him before I picked up my gun. "Where you going?" Dre asked me.

"Her shit." I said. I grabbed my keys and walked out the house. I got in my car and pulled off making my way to her crib.

When I got there I got out my car and went to knock on her door. "On God if youn open this bitch up i'm gone shoot the fucking lock out." I told her.

I wiggled the door then beat on her door. "Okay nigga! Don't break my shit."

As soon as she opened the door I choked her and put her against the wall. "Unblock me." I told her.

"I can't unblock you if your hands around my neck."

"Bitch you shouldn't have never blocked me in the first place." I tightened my grip. "The next time you block me i'm gone punch the shit outta you."

"Get off of me." She tapped my arm. "You gone unblock me?" I asked.

"Yes Taymari." She rolled her eyes. I let her go then I started walking to her room. "You on live?" I yelled.

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