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Looking on Dre live I combed my hands through my hair.

"Who the boy who rolling the wood?" I read one of the comments. And it was heart face emoji by it. I seen it was Tay that was doing it.

"Oh that's my boy." Dre laughed making me scrunch my face up. Tay came in the camera looking high as hell.

"Numani in here?" Tay pointed. "Look like she is." Dre laughed. Tay got out the camera making me laugh.

"Nah get back inna camera since you wanna be seen so bad." I said. I still wasn't fucking with him but that's my nigga even on mad days.

I looked down at my phone seeing Tay was calling me.

"What bitch?" I asked. "I'm on the way to pick you up. Me and gang finna go to the mall." He said.

"I literally just went to the mall yesterday." I rolled my eyes as I stood up. "Yeen get shit though. You finna get some today." He hung up.

"Hate his bitch ass." I mumbled. I went to go get in my bed until he told me he was outside.

After about a hour I felt my phone vibrating. I had fell asleep. Who tells somebody that they're going to come get them then comes a hour later.

I smacked my teeth but answered it. "Whatttt?" I dragged. "Man i'll smack the shit outta you." He spoke.

"And i'll smack the fuck outta you." I retorted. "Bruh come outside." I hung up on him then got out my bed.

After getting myself ready I left out my house making sure to lock it. Getting in his car I set my stuff in the lap.

"Why the fuck you come a hour later? The fuck. I was fucking sleep." I rolled my eyes. "Here they go y'all." I turned around seeing Dre.

"Bitch shut up." I said. "Damn I thought we was gang?" He tilted his head making me laugh.

"Aight but who was that girl that commented on the live?" I asked looking between both of them. "Ion een- aht, shut up." I cut Tay off.

"Then you talking about "this my boy" like shut the fuck up." I rolled my eyes. "Man you being a hater." Tay said.

"On yo bitch ass? Never baby." I shook my head.

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