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"Let's take a picture." Rico said. I scrunched up my face. "What?" I tilted my head.

"I thought yeen have a nigga?" He chuckled. "I don't but I ain't wit allat." I said. "My bad." He laughed closing his phone.

I was with him outside or whatever. It was low key hella people out here. But of course, typical hood shit.

Who's Tay? Never heard of him lol.

"Ima be back." He got out his car. I looked down at my phone and continued to scroll on instagram. I heard my door open making me look over and see Tay.

"What the hell." I mumbled. "Get out the car." He said. I just stared at him and rolled my eyes.

"Aight." He shrugged. He pulled me out the car. I smacked my teeth and closed my eyes. "Why you here with another nigga?" He asked.

"We don't even fuck with each other for real. You doing too much." I said.

"Weon fuck with each other?" He tilted his head. He grabbed my neck and pinned me on the car.

"You embarrassing me." I whined. By this time mostly everybody was looking at us. "So what? People was looking at you when you was that nigga too."

"Get out my face before I smack the fuck out you." I said. "Smack me Numani." He said. "Gone head." He was really in my face at this time.

"Get inna car for I embarrass yo ass." He said. "No. What am I going with you for?" I mugged him.

"My fucking God." I yelled as I felt a stinging sensation on my thigh. "What I just say?" He tilted his head.

He opened the door and I got in. I put my hands over my face then a couple minutes later he got in the car.

"Fix yo face." He laughed. "Stop fucking talking to me Taymari." I spoke.

He pulled off and I closed my eyes.

When we came to a stop I just sat there while he got out the car. "Get the fuck out the car bruh." He looked back at me.

I flicked him off.

"I gotta come drag yo ass out?" I opened the door and slammed it too. "Stop being on bullshit." He opened his door.

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