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غير تام


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"aye shawty." khalan yelled out to some bitch.

"nigga you and kay not together no more?" izaak asked him making me look over at him.

"mo she be tripping." khalan waved him off. "what you want?" the girl asked.

"let me get yo number." he smirked. i laughed and finished rolling my wood.

"let me get a hit." tee spoke.

"nigga roll yo own shit." i smacked my teeth. i patted my pockets feeling around for my lighter but i didn't.

"who didn't give me my shit back?" i looked up. i looked at dre to see him looking off.

"man give me my shit." i laughed.

he smacked his teeth but threw it at me.

"hope shawty know i just wanna fuck." khalan spoke.

"shit, she prolly do too." izaak shrugged.

"you and kay gone get back together." i said. "we not." he shook his head making me nod mines.

"she finna come over here and cuss yo ass out." tee tapped khalan making him look over.

i seen kay, nunn, jazz, and nani.

"ion got time for her bullshit. finna blow my shit." he shook his head.

i stood up and wiped my pants off before i sat back in my car.

"you think i ain't see you get that bitch number?" kay asked. "why she gotta be a bitch though?" khalan put his hands up.

"nigga stop playing with me." kay slapped him.

"ouuu." my mouth dropped.

khalan grabbed her and walked away. "fuck is you looking at me for?" i mugged nun.

"bitch, ain't nobody looking at you." she rolled her eyes.

"why when i look at you, you was staring all in my fucking face." i tilted my head.

"fuck is you looking at me for them bitch?" she mugged me.

"yall might as well fuck already." jazz rolled her eyes.

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