twenty nine.

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i'm having a girl.

"my stomach hurt so damn bad." i mumbled rubbing it. i really don't know what was going on.

"you need to go to the hospital?" my mama asked. i shrugged. telling you i didn't know nothing about this.

"let me feel." she said as she came over to me. putting her hands on my stomach she started rubbing it.

"you nine months ain't you?" she asked making me nod. "i don't know why she don't wanna come out." i whined.

"if you feel worse later let me know then we're definitely going to the hospital." she pointed at me.

i nodded. going on my phone i started calling tay.

"wassup baby mama." he answered the phone. "i might be going to the hospital tonight." i told him.

"fasho? what time?" he asked. "i don't know i'm just in a little pain right now." i shrugged.

"you want me to come over there?" he asked. "we not doing anything taymari, i promise you that." i said.

"why would i fuck you and you hurting? make it make sense dummy." he said making me hang up.

grabbing the remote i turned on netflix.

i'm ready for her to get up out of me. i don't feel like myself for real, my body hasn't really changed just my feet got swollen and hips got wider.

i'm also ready for her to be here because i wanna see how she's going to look, just ready for my baby, just ready for her to be in my arms.

hearing knocks on the door i looked at it before back at the tv. more knocks started to happen.

"numani." i heard my mama voice. "i'm sorry, i really didn't feel like getting up." i laughed.

"it's your baby father chile." she spoke making me shrug. "oh youn care about me?" tay asked coming to sit by me.

"been stopped caring bout you." i smiled. "that's how you feel?" he asked making me nod.

"finna eat this food i brought you then." he shrugged. i was about to start crying already.

"why would you do that?" i whined. "take the shit with yo cry baby ass," he sat it in front of me.

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