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"You think cause you got yo hair cut you the shit huh?" Numani asked as she sat on my lap.

"You a hater." I laughed. "I'll always be a hater." She said. "So i'm fucking a hater?" I tilted my head.

"Lemme see yo phone." She held her hand out. "Don't get yo feelings hurt." I said.

"Boy if anything if you look through my phone you'll get yo mothafucking feelings hurt." She rolled her eyes.

"Who you out here with?" I asked. "Kay. Why? Do I ask who you be out here with? Wit yo hoe ass." She threw my phone in the car.

"Stop throwing my shit." I mugged her. "Fuck you and nat phone." She rolled her eyes. She was about to stand up before I grabbed her and pulled her back down.

"Why you trippin?" I laughed. "Go in and get on the other side." I told her.

"No i'm finna stay here with my friends." She said.

"They finna come where we going. Go to the other side." I told her once again. "Ion know who the fuck you think you is."

"Where we finna go anyway?" She asked. "Video shoot." I said.

"And i'm coming for what?"

"He want it to be a big ass shoot. With everybody, kids, grandmas, grandpas type shit." I said.

"It's gone be niggas out there?"

"Duh Numani but ion know why the fuck you asking anyway. I'll punch you in yo fucking chest." I said as I passed her the blunt.

"You ain't gone do a mothafucking thang."

"Think thatttt." I dragged.

Once we pulled up to the apartments I reached in the backseat and grabbed my guns. She started to feel over my pockets.

"It's money in there?" She asked pointing to it. "Stop asking questions yo dumb ass already know the answers to." I opened the door.

"Come on." I told her. She got out the car and I did too. She came over to my side and started walking beside me.

"Wassup my boy." I dapped Rell up. "Wassup, this you?" He pointed at Numani. I nodded.

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