twenty six.

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I was now on my way to Jazz's baby shower/ gender reveal. Ion know why the fuck she waited so late to do this gender reveal though.

Once I pulled up to the location I grabbed all the gifts and shit I got for her and the baby then I walked in.

It was already a good amount of people in here too. I went over to the table and set my things down.

I looked around the place until I seen Nani and Kay. "Hey whores." I smiled as they turned around.

"Now now. Who's really the whore?" Kay asked pointing at my stomach. "Bitch fuck you." I laughed putting my hand over my stomach.

"I mean you the one who was getting down and dirty." She shrugged. "Nah! That first time I went over to Khalan house with you y'all bitches started fucking and you was moaning loud as fuck." I rolled my eyes.

"Not too much on me baby, dick is good as hell even though ion fuck with him right now." She shrugged.

"I was finna say something but I know I can't be talking." I said. "Yeah girl."

I looked down at my phone seeing people texted me.

Rico now

Amari 1h ago
2 iMessages

I didn't open nor answer them, just put my phone right in my pocket.

"Thought this nigga was locked up." Kay tapped me. I looked at her and seeing she was pointing somewhere making me look in that direction.

Of course I seen Tay ass.

"My fucking.." I mumbled. I sat down at a seat with my back facing him. I already knew he was gone come over here though.

"Wassup baby mama." I heard. "Taymari, please leave me the fuck alone." I rolled my eyes.

"I wanna take you out before I get locked up again." He laughed. "Not even on no relationship type shit, some I wanna treat you better type." He spoke.

"I'll think about it. Get the fuck out my face." I said.

"Aight lil rude ass." He laughed then leaned back in the seat. I looked down at my phone again and answer Rico and Amari's messages.

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