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غير تام

"fuck is you doing bruh?" tay asked me as i stood in the kitchen

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"fuck is you doing bruh?" tay asked me as i stood in the kitchen. we were back at khalan's house.

"boy get the fuck out my face." i waved him off.

we been hanging with them for like two weeks now.

i was making me a sandwich cause i needed a quick lil snack.

he laughed and went into the living room. after i fixed my sandwich i went and sat down.

"what we doing? im bored as shit." i said as i took a bite of my sandwich.

"why the fuck you always tryna do some shit? chill out for a second, just tryna be seen." tay said.

"boy stop fucking talking to me, im not one of them bitches that's gone let you say anything to them." i mugged him.

"okay, what's going on here?" jazz raised her eye brow.

"niggas being sassy as hell." i shrugged. "man stop
playing with me." tay smacked his teeth.

"don't give a fuck about nothin you talkin about." i rolled my eyes.

"we can go to six flags." dre suggested. "ima be out in my car." i stood up walking out the house.

the first day me and tay had went wherever we had went, exchanged numbers. ion know what he was on though for real.

i turned on some music as i scrolled on instagram. "stop pulling at my fucking door." i looked over at my passenger side.

smacked my teeth seeing tay. "open this door before i shoot this bitch out." he said. i rolled my eyes but unlocked it.

"why you acting like that bitch? you doing too much." i scrunched up my face.

"watch that bitch word." he leaned his seat back all the way back. "passenger princess ass nigga,"

"i dont know why you in my presence. you been acting real sassy." i said.

"bra please just shut up before i get mad. real talk."

"im just saying. ion know what the fuck your problem is." i rolled my eyes, switching the song.

"you look good." he said making me look at him.

"and you look like a hoe." i told him. he had on a white shirt, grey sweatpants, and some air forces with his chains.

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