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"Since this nigga wanna play with me." I mumbled as I drove in the car with Nunu, Nani, and Jazz.

Pulling up outside Khalan's house I popped the trunk then all of us got out. "I wanna smash the windows." Nunu smiled.

I laughed handing her the bat. All of us got something then we went up to his car.

I grabbed a knife and cut three of his tires. Nunu started smashing his windshield while Nani broke his mirrors.

"I got some spray paint too. It's in the backseat." I told Jazz. She went to my car and got it before she came back over to us.

"What you want me to write on it?" She asked. "It don't matter say xoxo." I laughed.

"Bitch." She rolled her eyes. I looked at Nunu seeing she was jumping on the car.

"I know that ain't them." Nani pointed. I looked back and seen multiple cars coming down the road.

"Come on y'all." I grabbed the stuff and got back in my car. Right when they were pulling up we was pulling off.

"Is he going to try to call you?" Jazz asked. "I don't know. I blocked him so.." I trailed off.

"The cousins love blocking somebody." Jazz shook her head pointing at me and Nunu.

"Tay calling me." Nunu said. "Answer it."

She put it on speaker, "Where the fuck Kay at bruh?" Khalan yelled. "I don't- bitch I seen you with her." Khalan laughed cutting her off making all of us laugh.

"I don't know what the hell you talm bout." Nunu said. "When I see you Kay cause I know you right there. I'm gone snatch them fucking tracks out." He hung up.

"He prolly is gone do that for real too." Nunu said.

"Prolly but I told that nigga to stop playing wit me." I shrugged. "But he wanted to be stupid and shit." I shrugged.

"Y'all wanna come with me to this nigga house?"

"This shit feel like mothafucking deja vu." Nunu shook her head. "Why you say that?" I raised my eye brow.

"Cause when you had asked us did we want to go to Khalan house the first time." She said to which I nodded.

"Do y'all though? Y'all don't have too." I shrugged.

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